The Law of Decisions

from 03-21-13

Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference–the difference between God’s decisions and ours.

Wisdom is the ability to recognize the difference in a moment, the difference in an opportunity–the difference in favor, countenance, mood.

Honor is the willingness to reward somebody for their difference from you.

Health is life’s First Prize, for sure.

>> Bishop Joel Thomas
>> Dwight Thompson & his wife, Zonell

The 3 most important words the Holy Spirit ever spoke to Dr. Murdock:

(despite what many people think…)
It’s not hard work
It’s not luck
It’s not being born into a wealthy family
It’s not that you have to be crooked
It’s not the result of tricking people or being a thief

Then the Holy Spirit gave Dr. Murdock 107 different decisions like:

Wealth is not a money-word, wealth is a supply-word.

If you have your health, you’re wealthy
If you’re loved, valued–if you found someone you can trust

Wealth is when you have a lot of something you value/need

Every failure / success can be traced to a human decision

Those who failed in the Bible can be traced to their decisions
>> Adam & Eve chose to ignore God and instead listen to the voice of the serpent
>> Jonah’s decision to ignore his assignment

Discomfort is the seed for Divine promotion
It’s an opportunity to reveal your true level of passion
Discomfort is always the feeling you feel during obedience

If obedience was a joy, we’d all be doing it ourselves–without motivation / inspiration

What gift within me will I develop?
What weakness in me am I willing to overcome?
Who will I trust?
Who am I willing to learn from?
What am I willing to stop doing?
What am I willing to delegate / assign to others?

There’s 7 Decisions to Create Wealth

#1) You must decide what you want to do with wealth
>> You can’t attract what you don’t expect
>> What do you want to accomplish / achieve?
>> You’ve got to have a Scriptural persuasion that wealth is the seed for achieving and for good things
>> That money is a tool for making good things happen
>> The purpose of money is to create decisions for people

– see “Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”
Your mind will attract what you want

There’s non-believers that’ve obtained wealth because they’ve followed these laws

Poverty is proof of a broken law, prosperity is proof of an honored law.

Billy Graham spoke about his roommate as a young man, Charles Templeton. Mr. Templeton decided one day that he didn’t believe the Bible. And that’s when Billy Graham said that he made a decision to believe God’s Word. He said it was when he made that decision that things really began to change for him.

1. Make a decision about God’s Word.
It’s a very difficult decision to make.
2. Make a decision about your assignment.
What level of acceptance will I accept for my assignment?

Who’s mentorship will I trust?
Who am I willing to receive from?

What weakness am I willing to overcome?

How many hours am I willing to invest in my future?

What am I willing to stop doing in order to accomplish my goals?
Abandon myself to my assignment.

3. My decision to talk to the Holy Spirit
>> Using my prayer language
>> “Pray without ceasing.”

4. My decision to embrace opportunity

God gives instructions [every authority in my life does]

An instruction reveals my weakness
An instruction exposes pride–documents defiance.
It’s an opportunity to reveal what I’m about, who I am.

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