The Law of Eventuality

The Law of Eventuality
Saturday 03-23-13
Church By Phone


Limit your focus, and you’ll increase the power of your impact

Thomas Edison made inventing his obsession.

“This one thing I do, forgetting those things that are behind me…”

“Mine eye affects my heart…”

Joe Hughley(sp?)
” I’ve seen as many people fail from attempting too many things as people who’ve tried too few. ”

I’ll only succeed with an “obsession” over one/few things.

    Father, we thank you for this time together , especially for this Law of Eventuality that we’re addressing tonight. Thank You for teaching us Your Law, Your Word. Thank You for being concerned about us enough to teach us. Lord, we’re very, very fascinated with Your nature, Your character. Your teaching us the difference between the life of God in us, and the laws of God for us. The difference between the principles and the person of Jesus. W pray for new courage to flow into the hearts of believers around the world, especially those on the forefront of media for this Gospel. We thank You for teaching us where to vocalize our thoughts and mind, and where to be silent. In Jesus’s Name, amen and amen.

The 72 Laws of Life


The Law of Eventuality

God works by the Law of Eventuality
The Law of the bittersweet and the Law of the sweet-and-bitter

Wisdom is the ability to recognize a difference.
A difference between right and wrong
Holy vs unholy
People, from your assignment [compared to] to some else’s
In an environment
In An opportunity
The difference in an instruction

Nehemiah: the King who noticed the difference in Nehemiah’s countenance and allowed him to go rebuild the wall

Joseph when he noticed the difference in the countenances of the butler and the baker

Jesus hung between two thieves, but [only] one saw His difference.
One cursed Him, but one said, Will you remember me?

The blind man who cried out, because he discerned the difference in Jesus passing by

That’s what wisdom is, the ability to see difference
The dominant purpose of wisdom is to identify who’s voice should be honored in my life

Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference
And honor is the willingness to reward someone for their difference from me

The Law of Eventuality
And the difference between the approach of satan and God’s approach

The Law of the bittersweet is the Law that Jesus taught and went by
ex: Jesus offered the cross before He promised the Resurrection
He said if we would endure, we would be saved

Notice that in Christianity, the “price” is what you pay first.
And it’s: longtime harvest, longtime fruit

In the satanic philosophy the “sweet” is at the beginning and the last is the bitter
In fact, satan often “sells” the sweet, the good, but he avoids telling me the eventuality of that decision

Adam and Eve, satan did not tell them the eventuality

The Law of Eventuality means: What creates pleasure today, may create longtime pain tomorrow.
And what creates pain today, can create longtime pleasure tomorrow.

Jesus, for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross.

In the world of God’s thinking, in Kingdom thinking, I’m willing to go through pain temporarily, and I’ll forever reap the blessings of God.

The Law of Eventuality means: If I keep doing what I’m doing, what’s the eventuality? Where will I be? What will happen?

from a tweet by Dr Murdock: ” When I arrive at where I’m going, where’s will I be?

The Law of Eventuality works in every dimension of my life.

ex: an athlete trains every day, because they’re working toward a desired outcome.

God’s not responsible for my health–He’s responsible to heal me when I use my faith–but I’m responsible for my health.

A prominent doctor stated: Alzheimer’s comes from prolonged periods of dehydration–times in life when that person did not drink enough water,

Another doctor on cancer: it all starts with worry, this is a chemical reaction that leads to cancer.

The Law of Eventuality
Dr Murdock’s Mother: ” It’s gonna catch up with you. God’s got your number…! ”

Mothers decide what son’s remember, but fathers decide what son’s believe.

Those sympathetic to Judas are also a Judas.
Anyone sympathetic with an Absolom is also an Absolom.

The Law of Eventuality will always catch up with you

God doesn’t punish everyone the day they rebel,
Neither does God reward the obedient the day they obey

The entire Kingdom of God, runs by the Law of Eventuality

If I keep doing what I’m doing, where will I be?

In the court of law, they look at the eventuality

Cigarettes, alcohol, dancing…there’s an eventuality

Look at what happened to Absolom

Where in my life am I going wrong?
What am I feeding that’s becoming a ravenous wolf?
A “puppy” today, may be a “wolf” next year
The thing that seems so small right now…

Dr Murdock preached a message entitled, “I am an Amelekite.”
Samuel had instructed Saul to destroy every Amelekite…

side note to Preachers: No rebel stays alone. Rebels are unhappy alone.
Rebels have a cancerous disease called envy, jealousy, strife
and if it’s allowed to grow it affects an entire staff, an entire church

That’s why 14,000 were destroyed when 250 followed Korah in a rebellion against Moses.

An Amelekite eventually came forward to kill King Saul.

What you fail to destroy will eventually destroy you.

If it’s pride…know the eventuality

Look throughout your family, and where ever there’s defiance in the teenage years, there was defiance when they were 2 years old

Interrupt the torrents, the whirlpools of rebellion in your environment

If you let a seed grow in your mind, no matter what the seed is–it may be resentment, it may be rebellion, it may be fear–but the eventuality is deadly

No, Adam and Eve never planned to get kicked out of the Garden of Eden

When you keep breaking a Divine Law, you create chaos, catastrophe, tragedies

Matt 23 – Jesus said, “…How oft I would’ve gathered you as a mother’s brood, but you would not…”

We call it ” the straw that broke the camel’s back ”

You don’t want to let feelings seethe over time, there’s got to be a release valve
There’s got to be a crying out to God, “God teach me before I go any further…!”

We want to deal with things quickly and swiftly

How can I correct my path?

Let’s take it in a good way:
The Law of Routine
What happens when a person does right, routinely, every day?
– – > I enter the “secret place” every day for 7 minutes,
and as I begin to sing, “I love You Holy Spirit…I love You Holy Spirit…
You are my God , there is none like You!”
– – > The Law of Eventuality: fear dies, doubt dies ,unbelief begins to wither inside of me.
And faith comes alive

One great evangelist said: “I preach until faith rises and rises and rises, and miracles begin to happen.”

Keep sowing the Word.
If I keep sowing, it’ll eventually get through–the Word will not return void

The seed continues to grow. A little blade of grass through the ground, up through the street

ex: grass growing thru a slab of concrete; weeds growing thru a crack in the pavement

Pick out 3 things–if I don’t change something I’m doing, I haven’t learned anything
(that’s the whole purpose of learning, to stop doing wrong and start doing something

Memorize Scriptures. Look at them, listen & get them in my spirit so I start thinking like God thinks.
Dr Mikes mother kept sowing (he had to memorize scripture every day) and eventually he believed
VERSE Don’t get weary in well doing….

3 things to establish the Law of Eventuality

1. Read 3 Chapters/day in the Bible, and 5 on Sunday
Entire Bible once a year – read em out loud
VERSE Thy Word have I hid in my heart…
VERSE Thru thy commandments, Thou have made me wiser than my enemies

Thank You Father, Thank You for Your Word. It’s working, it’s working–faith is growing in me! It is killing the snakes of unbelief, pulling the weed of bad experiences. Father You’re purging the garden of our mind through Your Word. Your Word is washing us, Your Word is cleansing us. Your Word is preparing us. We love Your Law.x3

2. Pray in Your prayer language.
Dr Oral Roberts felt like it was the crux, the essence, of the Gospel. That we move in a Heaven, camaraderie, a Heavenly chemistry with the Holy Spirit. It’s essential.

3. Tithe. The Law of Eventuality will work. Work with the Law of Eventuality.
VERSE I shall reap in due season, if I faint not.
If I suffer with Him, I shall reap with Him.
The Law of Eventuality is the foundation of the Kingdom
VERSE If in this life only we have hope…

The earth is a get-rich-quick place.

We all love quick things, but the entire Kingdom runs by long-term harvest.

Wisdom Key 3000
Every month they ask for 3000 people to plant a $15 seed into the ministry

Even before I’m calling, God is already on the way with the answer
Maybe God is honoring a previous seed, and your sowing/harvests are overlapping.

The Law of Eventuality

The harvest will eventually overtake the sower(!) [VERSE]

Mention of the Psalm 112 seed
harvests like waterfalls, waves of revelations, signs, strategies
and it took Dr Murdock several months to “link” these harvests to his 112-seed sowing

Every seed has a different harvest
Every time God gives you an impression to sow, move swiftly.

A man that loves the statutes of God, wealth will be in his house.

Prosperity allows you to do for God what you want to do, and also to do for those you care about, for the poor.

God attaches prosperity to obedience.

Prosperity is the eventuality of obedience.
That day? No, no–seed time and harvest.

The eventuality of rebellion? Suffering.
The eventuality to the Law of Faith? Blessings.

Be encouraged, God’s not doing this thing in 24 hours.
He wants a relationship.
He wants to be loved, trusted, believed, obeyed.

The purpose of His instructions to us is to document our trust, our obedience.

Every person that follows His instruction is a believer.

His Word will not come back void. I believe it.

    Father, thank You for this wonderful, new week ahead. Thank You for your glory, thank You for Your presence. Father, this Law of Eventuality must be believed, embraced, exercised. If we don’t understand the Law of Eventuality, we will create chaos in our future. Just because You don’t punish us on the day we sin, doesn’t mean there’s not a consequence. Wisdom is the ability to anticipate the eventuality. Father, we pray for the partners of this ministry–let us anticipate the Law of Eventuality. You will leave no man unrewarded…Father, you have not ignored our seed, our faith. You will not risk losing any credibility with us. Remind us of Your character. In the Name of Jesus, I silence the voice of the devil that has come against me, that has come against the voice of the Holy Spirit, of every lying spirit that has come against me and my home–against my mind and has tormented me. We slash off the heads of every Goliath that has come against us. With our faith we can create any future that we want. Father, You’re not through blessing us. Lord, the harvest is just now beginning. We haven’t reached the finish line of the harvest. The seed has just been planted and Father, You’ve just begun putting some water, some sunshine on it. We shall reap in due season if we faint not…. I decree a 7-fold blessing, streams of honor, waves of favor to rush towards my life.

    I decree 5 streams of honor towards my life.

    I sanctify this seed. From the North, the South, the East, and the West, I call in 5 streams of honor. Swiftly, swiftly, swiftly, Father.

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“The Law of Eventuality”
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    If I keep doing what I’m doing, where will I be?
    Where in my life am I going wrong?
    What am I feeding that’s becoming a ravenous wolf?
    How can I correct my path?

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