The Law of Honor

The Law of Honor
Sunday 03-24-13
Church By Phone

What a joy to be together.

You can listen online through Button 15 on the website.

Pastor Monica Melgar is Dr. Murdock’s
“completer”, she has a bulldog tenacity
in getting things done.

Law #25

The Law of Honor


Just when you think you know about honor,
you find out you don’t know anything about honor. 🙂

If someone treats you with dishonor, it’s real easy to (almost) move out of honor yourself.

We’re talking about the 72 Laws of Life that have become important to Dr. Murdock.

Are there more?
There’s thousands of laws.
There’s laws of physics, mathematics.
There’s laws in the scientific world.
There’s laws in relationships.

Dr. Mike’s purpose in teaching us
this is to help us obtain our goals–
quickly, easily.

Progress is pleasurable,
but not enough.

If you want to fly to New York,
it’s better than crawling.

I can crawl down the road,
I’d be making progress.
Will I be happy?
Not at all. I want completion, arrival.

Progress creates a different kind of pleasure than completion.

The Gospel has 2 parts:
the King and the Kingdom.

There’s a difference between the Nature of God and the Commandments of God.

There’s a difference between the Life of God in me and the Laws of God in my world.

Many who love God can’t even pay for their household–they can’t even take care of a child.

The calling does not
indicate that I’m trained.

God reveals my assignment in order to get me to train for it.

God gives me pictures of my future, not because my future is inevitable, but because it’s possible.

There’s a difference between the Person of Jesus and the Principles that He taught.

Unless I grasp that, Christianity will seem bipolar, complex, contradictory and ridiculous.
ex: If God loved me, why is there a hell?
– – > that’s like saying: Why don’t the police let the criminals out of the jails?

Every environment requires
a penalty system.

I’ve got to have a penalty
system in my house.

There are laws, and these
laws produce rewards.

The purpose of a law is to
establish order.

Order is the right arrangement–the accurate arrangement–of things.

The role of law is to keep people where they belong.
– – > traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, etc

The Bible is a book of do’s and don’t’s & what happens to people who do, and what happens to people who don’t (do the will of God).

There are 10 Commandments.
The first 4 deal with honoring God.
The last 6 deal with honoring people.

What is honor?
It’s rewarding someone for their difference from you.

We have it in the military, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sunday School.

There’s two main motivations.
The earth operates by “the carrot and the stick.”
The promise of a reward or the fear–the threat–of pain.
ex: You can move a donkey by giving him some carrots, if he doesn’t move forward, then you use the stick on his rear end.
ex: You tell your child, If you clean your room I’ll give you two dollars. He says, No I don’t care, I don’t want the two dollars. You then say, No, you have to. I was offering you a reward, but now I’m going to give you a little spanking.

There’s many motivations. “Motive” meaning “reason for doing something”.

There’s times I serve the Lord
out of great joy, there’s times I serve
Him resentfully, whining.

God has more than one way to motivate His family.

Deuteronomy 28 we all call “the blessing Chapter.”
Not really 🙂
Just the first 14 verses.
The rest of that Chapter
is “the curse Chapter”.

<Pastor Monica Melgar joins the call>

<Dr. Murdock continues>

The purpose of the laws
are to establish order.
The purpose of order is to avoid pain and experience pleasure.

God is looking for passionate people that are humble enough to reach, to pursue, to stretch.

Cash Luna Pastors a church in Guatemala.
He finds people with passion, and those are the ones he imparts his vision to.
And he’s been very effective in building churches there.

You don’t excite the disinterested.
That’s why Jesus didn’t hold seminars for Pharisees.

Do I have a goal?
Do I have a dream?
Something I want to accomplish, do, become, have, obtain??

Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference.
Difference in people.
Difference in a moment.
Difference in value.

Difference in value.

Difference in value.

And everything changes
in value from day to day.
ex: If you heard gas was $40, you might say, That’s crazy! I’m not paying $40/gallon. Yes you would. If you broke down in the Arizona desert, you’d pay more than $40/gallon to get out of there. So the value of gas changed value depending on your need.

Your need determines what you notice.

Your need determines the value of others around you.

Dr Mike tweeted: Until somebody has a problem, you are unnecessary.

Well, that’s life. Problems are what keep us together.
Problems are why I reach for God.
Problems are why I embrace the Word of God.

What’s my need?

What’s the problem that I’m facing?

Here’s the basics:
Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference.
The purpose of wisdom is to identify who I should be honoring.
Because the difference between success and failure is in the opinion of who I have decided to respect.

Poverty isn’t puzzling.

Success isn’t mystifying, or startling.

It’s the difference between a rocky road and an interstate.

Every day I am offered an opportunity to build credibility or to destroy it.

Every day I wake up I can show honor, or I can show dishonor.

Never forget who you’re talking to.

Someone in position has authority over you.
You may not like it.
The prison is full of people who were not taught order.

If you teach your child the Law of Honor, you have taught him enough. He cannot fail.

If you do not teach your child, the child cannot succeed.

Honor is the celebration of difference. The rewarding of someone.

Different than respect.
Respect is an attitude, but honor is a gift, it’s a demonstration.

In Nigeria, they were taught to show honor.

Not b/c of fear, but b/c of honor

Honor makes you unforgettable

Honor is the seed for access
Honor will make you a fragrance instead of an odor
Honor will take you further than genius
Honor will take you in one day further than your work will take you in 10 yrs

Where ever you sow honor, everything will open for you

Do not correct an elder
Don’t correct upward
Only a fool corrects upward
We’re not authorized to correct anyone who’s in direct authority over us

Who taught me honor?
Were they competent?
Did they live the life of honor?

If your children rule you, you have destroyed them thru permission
<begin guest, Pastor Monica>

Prayer / communication shows honor to God
The more quality time I spend with Him, the more honor I show
It needs to be special, important, vital to get up early and pray to God

The more you give Him an hour, two hours in time alone, only with God
for Him to hear me, and for me to hear Him back

Communion with the Word
Intercession in prayer with God
The importance of the secret place

>> Pastor Monica built her secret place out of an old shed
that she’d remade with new wood, and painted it to look nice
“It was an adventure, like a tree house is to kids.”
Small actions can convey great honor

</end speaking of Pastor Monica>

Job 33:4 (NKJV)
The Spirit of God has made me,
And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Ephesians 1:14 (NKJV)
Who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption
of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.

Isaiah 11:1-2 (NKJV)
There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse,
And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.
The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him,
The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The Spirit of counsel and might,The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

The investment of time is the proof of respect/honor to the Holy Spirit

Obedience to the Holy Spirit should pervade my life

The investment of time
The investment of the tithe
The return of the tithe

You can’t help someone who wants to be a rebel
Or someone who’s out of order with God

Pay God first
I can’t withhold from God and be blessed

Don’t withhold the tithe from God
That dishonors the instruction of God

Obedience shows honor to authority
Embracing your Divine scriptural responsibility in the house

Husband provides stability
And an environment of safety

I’m not anointed to change anybody over me

Honor those under me by
Inspiration, stability, consistency, truthfulness

Honor my church with
Faithfulness, servanthood

Honor to God:

Honor to those above me:
Listening, learning, preparing an environment of honor and respect for them

Mercy has taken me a lot further than my achievements

Unthankfulness is proof of dishonor

Your reaction to greatness, shows your honor
Your reaction to a gift shows your honor

Some of Dr Murdock’s books [not affiliate links]:
The Assignment
The Law of Recognition
Spiritual Authority [book link…?] – I don’t touch the office of Divine authority

People who believe in you / your vision, sow into you / your vision

Almost every lost friendship is due to a missing conversation

Ecc – time and season for everything, we’re entering a season for mentorship

If you’ve trivialized counsel and instruction, you’ve shown dishonor

You cannot build a relationship with a dishonorable person

Disrespect and dishonor when you don’t value someone else’s time

>> see Peter J Daniels (used to work for Ross Perot)
[interesting] >>>

Honor people’s time
Honor people’s graciousness

Don’t correct a leader in front of someone who’s under them

You don’t have to speak every thought you have

Mine eye affects my heart (Lamentations 3:51)

Something I’m seeing and hearing can cause a turmoil in me

As much as lieth within you, live peaceably with all men (Romans 12:18)

Start drawing the circles in your life
There are people who deserve to be in the circle of dishonor

Agreement vs disagreement
Servanthood vs not-servanthood
Honor vs dishonor

Be ferocious to bring honor into your environment
Father, give me the backbone of a saw log
I will be a person of honor
I will require it like Abraham, who commanded his children to follow him while Abraham honored You
The reward of honor is generational


Do I have a goal?
Do I have a dream?
Something I want to accomplish, do, become, have, obtain??

What’s my need?

What’s the problem that I’m facing?

Who taught me honor?
Were they competent?
Did they live the life of honor?

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  1. Thank you Dr. Mike Murdock for being my greatest inspiration as well as my media Mentor. Your teachings are the unchangable truths that will have impact on generations and generations to come. I love You.

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