The Law of Favor

The Law of Favor
Wednesday 03-27-13
Church By Phone

God will leave no man unrewarded.

I count on God because I trust His character.

God knows who to bless, when to extend mercy.

Small keys open bank vaults.

You can go thru life with a crowbar or you can use a key.
Keys are not beautiful, but they’re magical, they’re miraculous in what they open

Father thank You for this family. We’ve pondered on Your Word. We’ve wondered when will we see some of the harvest. We’ve wondered when will our loved ones change. We often wonder how can we impact our children, our mate? We’ve wondered what can we do next? What would You have me do next? Some of us have had great struggles in our minds. How can we accomplish our assignment until we can find trustworthy people? Father, teach us your Laws, teach us Your ways. We’re willing to be healed. We’re willing to be changed. We’re wiling to be focused. Wake up something inside of us, show us favor is not a gamble, a risk. Certainly not fate, not luck. There’s something so supernatural that happens when we do the right thing. Encourage us tonight, in Jesus’s Name. Amen.

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Favor is when someone wants to make my life easier.

Favor is when someone wants to use their gifts, their money, their words, to advance me. To get me closer to my goals, my dreams.

Dr. Murdock had one telephone call from Roger McDuff, introducing him to some television people, and Dr. Murdock received 4 years of free television, 4 times a week.

A million dollars(!) worth of free tv time, just because two men liked Dr. Murdock.

In West Memphis, Arkansas: from a little meeting Dr. Murdock had there, and a lady and her husband liked him, and they bought him thousands of dollars worth of clothes.

Favor: Someone deciding to bless me, to open a door for me.

Jimmy Swaggert spoke about Dr. Murdock for two minutes at church in Texas when Dr. Murdock was about 21 years old, and it opened so many doors for him to preach at numerous other churches.


You don’t get into your future from someone hating you, you get into your future form someone liking you.

Psalms 112:5 (KJV)
“A good man sheweth favour…”

So many people are obsessed with receiving favor, but if I get obsessed with sowing favor, showing favor, demonstrating favor, giving favor–I never sell anything I’m in position to sow–favor will get me in 24 hours what would’ve taken me 10 years to reach.

Dr. Murdock is paying $6,300 to put a young man through a Christian school. The young man’s father is dead. His mother has said he’s a good son. Dr. Murdock was impresses by the young man’s graciousness, his honor, his respectfulness. And the Holy Spirit impressed on Dr. Murdock to show him favor.

“A good man sheweth favour…”

Sowing seed is so beyond writing a check, or giving someone a 20-dollar bill.

I am a walking seed.

My words either advance
others or stop them.

Something I’m doing is either helping someone succeed or stopping them from succeeding.

A trustworthy, a righteous, an honorable…
“A good man sheweth[/soweth] favour…”

A good man sows favor.

A good man will help somebody succeed.

A good man will help somebody get through a problem.

A good man will cover somebody’s iniquity so that they can get back in the fellowship.

God never humiliated the weak.

He humiliated the proud, and the rebel.

God never humiliated the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery.

He never humiliated Zaccheus.

He only humiliated the Pharisees who thought they were better than everyone else.

Where am I sowing favor?

Where am I opening a door?

Where am I helping someone succeed?

Whose groceries did I buy this week?

Whose life did I make easier?

Favor is the most remarkable, incredible seed that I can sow someone.

Favor to someone going through a hard place.

Where ever I have sowed favor, there will be a hundredfold return.

History can document the power of sowing favor.

Who should I sow favor (in)to?
The elderly, of course.
The handicapped.

Nobody’s born equal.
We’re not equal in IQ, we’re not equal in giftings.

Where ever I can help somebody up.

There’s a song:
“If I could help somebody, as I walk along…if I could help somebody with a word or a song…if I could help somebody who’s going wrong…then my living shall not be in vain…”

“A good man sheweth favour…”

Am I good?

If I don’t show favor, I must be evil.

But what about me receiving favor?
I need somebody to show me favor too…!

Well, the seed must occur before the harvest.

Proverbs 11:27 (KJV)
He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour….

Do you think it was just happenstance, did God just flip a coin and say, “I think I’ll show Joseph favor from Pharaoh.” ?

Do you think it was just an accident that Ruth found favor with Boaz?
>> see Ruth 2:11-13

Was it that Rebecca just happened at the well and chanced into meeting Eleazar and lucked into becoming the wealth manager for Abraham’s son Isaac?

If I want good things to happen to others, if I’m doing the right thing for others, I will attract, procure favor.

Attitude, appearance, achievement: those are the 3 miraculous words that unlock the world of favor.

Robert Hath, President of the largest employment agency in the US, wrote a book, saying 98% of people are hired based on appearance.
>> then he wrote another, more recent book saying, “I was wrong: 100% of the people who are hired, are hired based on their personal appearance.”

The Book of Esther, which does not even mention the Name of God, said, When the king saw Esther, he had favor toward her.

What schedules seasons?

Favor ends tragedies.
Favor ends heartache.

Favor stops the season of loss, and launches the season of multiplication.

So how do I get favor, Mike? How do I get favor? I’ve prayed for favor I–

He didn’t say pray for favor.

Now, you can pray for favor, especially praying, “Lord, show me who I should show favor to…”

Don’t worry about a harvest as much as you worry about your seeds.
>> Take care of planting, sowing, favor – and let God handle the harvest of favor

If I take care of my seed-sowing, God will take care of my harvest growth.

“He that diligently seeketh good [procureth favor]”

Dr. Murdock has given away computers, cars, houses…why?

Seeking somebody’s good.

Dr. Murdock’s theme is Ephesians 6:8
>> What I make happen for others, God will make happen for me

Who’s good did I seek, did I pursue today?
Who’s mind did I settle at peace?

Who did I show honor to?
How did I show honor today?

Where did I show dishonor today?
Where did I show disrespect?

I may’ve showed disrespect and didn’t even know I did, but God did.

God did.

“He that diligently…”
>> diligence is continuous, relentless effort
“…seeketh good…”
>> good for others–what can I do for you?
“…procureth favor”

What does that mean?
So, if I try and sow favor to others, some of it will come back to me?

Was the sowing and reaping Scripture just for evil men?

Well, what do you think?

Dr. Murdock has often referenced his experience in Wilmington, Delaware:
> a friend with 5-6 children called Dr. Murdock crying, saying his kids were freezing, he had nothing, and he asked Dr. Murdock if he could possibly use his influence at the time to open some Pastoral doors for this man to preach.
> Dr. Murdock hand-wrote 27 letters that afternoon, sitting in a little Sunday school class, sitting in a little children’s church seat, and he was in that room, and wrote 27 letters.
> the man received 27 invitations
>> And from that day forward, every nation on
earth has been opened in Dr. Murdock’s life
>> And now, Dr. Murdock can’t even accept 5% of the open doors that come to him

And so God has said, if I will literally seek good for other people, I would procure favor

Let’s look at Proverbs 12:2 (NKJV):
“A good man obtains favor from the Lord…”

The proof of a good man is the good he does for others.

The proof of a good man is not that he carries a
Bible under his arm, or that he prays in tongues,
or that he wears a tie, or that he’s shy and timid

It’s in the favor that he shows to others.

A good man shows favor, he seeks good for other people.
>> And “he obtains favor from the Lord”

If a man is seeking good for others, God reacts and rewards that man accordingly.

Favor can get you a car in 24 hours.
Favor can get you a debt-free house in 24 hours.
Favor can get you open doors.
Favor can get you–your bill at the hospital, $18,000–favor can get that paid.

Favor, favor, favor, favor…!

Dr. Murdock had a Pastor friend from Houston, who feel to the floor in the bathroom at the Wisdom Center, during their World Wisdom Conference. They were rushing him to the hospital and they said, “He has no insurance…”. Dr. Murdock said, “I’ll take care of his emergency-room expenses. Make sure he’s alright. I’ve known him for 40 years.”

The bill was $20,000 (they cut it down from $28,000–one night in the ER…).

Yet, look at Dr. Murdock today: 67 years old. Not in a hospital. He can walk. He can talk. He’s in good health. Look at what God has done for him…!

The greatest gifts cannot be measured.

What causes people to be brought into favor?

One of the things that we know from the Book of Daniel is that obedience to God, an effort to please God, causes God to get involved in the equation.

Daniel wanted so much to please God that he told the king, It’s not in my religion to eat the food that you want me to eat. Give me a 10-day trial. And if I don’t produce–if I’m not stronger than all the other men, I’ll follow your law, but…meanwhile, gimme a chance to prove my difference.

The Bible says in…
Daniel 1:9 (NKJV)
Now God had brought Daniel into the favor…

Favor is a currency.
It’s an invisible territorial boundary.
Favor is not a moment.
Favor is a territory you enter.
It’s a zone.

Naomi knew that. That’s why she told Ruth, This man, with all this money, likes you, baby. He likes you! Baby, don’t go to somebody else. Stay around his house. Stay in the field with the servants. Establish credibility with those he trusts.

“Now God had brought Daniel into the favor…”

It wasn’t a moment. This wasn’t a day.

Who’s the most likely person to give you a gift?
Someone who’s already given you one.

“…and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs.” (Daniel 1:9 KJV)

You don’t need everybody liking you!
Just the right person liking you!
The decison-maker liking you.

When Dr. Murdock likes somebody, everything good happens.
When he likes somebody, he can’t do enough good for them.
There’s nothing he won’t do for somebody he likes.

God is in the favor equation.

God brings you out of the captivity zone, and brings you into the favor zone.

Bishop Jerry Grillo, from the Favor Center, in Hickory, North Carolina calls it
the FOG zone. F-O-G = Favor Of God

Dr. Murdock’s Pastor friend, from Rio de Janeiro, that he preaches so much for, on the door, when you go to walk into his huge Gulfstream Jet, it says, “Favor Of God”.

If God likes you, nobody else matters.

Favor can increase.

Favor can start off as a small seed, and end up to be huge.

Luke 2:52 (KJV)
And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Right words create favor.
Words that heal.
Words that give hope.
Words that encourage.
Words that are truthful.

Proverbs 24:26 (KJV)
Every man shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer.

Favor is pursued.
The favor of great men is pursued.

Proverbs 19:6 (KJV)
Many will intreat the favour of the prince: and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.

That means the whole world–millions. Millions understand the power of favor.

The power of favor is not stuck in the corner.

Dr. Murdock was heading to the house of his friend and was with Bishop Jerry Grillo and had just spoken with Pastor David Cirillo, at the Inspiration Ministry. And Bishop Grillo asked him if he’d remembered many years before, when Dr. Murdock was preaching, and turned around and asked him if he’d ever been to the Holy Land. He said he had not, and Dr. Murdock said, “I’ll pay your way to the Holy Land.”

A lifetime dream was achieved in a single moment.
Something he had wanted in years was achieved in a moment.

In a moment. In a moment…

In a moment.

In a moment!

Attitude: the Bible says that Daniel had an excellent spirit [see Proverbs 17:27 (KJV) ] that attracted achievers.

Dr. Rob Thompson, who Pastors in Chicago–one of the finest humans that Dr. Murdock has ever met–he often quotes that verse that says, “A man that is diligent will not stand before common men, but he’ll stand before great men.”

Proverbs 14:35 (KJV)
The king’s favour is toward a wise servant…

If a man has the spirit of a servant, he’ll unleash a river of favor from kings and leaders.

The king’s favour is toward a wise servant…

Proverbs 13:15 (KJV)
Good understanding giveth favour…

He that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Withhold not good from them, when it’s in the power of your hand to do so…

…Empty me out. Empty me out, Lord. Empty me out. Father, give me remarkable insight in identifying my warehouse inventory. You’ve placed inside of me, irreplaceable giftings. You’ve stored in me some of Your highest thoughts. Father, I’m a walking warehouse of seeds. You have given me the revelation of sowing, sowing, sowing–sowing! Looking for good soil. Looking for right soil. Looking for productive soil. And You’ve given me the reassurance, and the persuasion, that no man will go unrewarded by You. Nobody. Nobody. If You counted the hairs on our head–if every hair on our head has a number, do we think for one second that You have not photographed the favor we have planted into others? Father, let every husband–let every husband, let every husband(!) be gripped with a passion to languish favor into his home, on his wife, on his children. Let every son, let every daughter(!) embrace, embrace this. Father, if You have photographed the simple cup of water planted into the life of a Prophet, you said he will receive a Prophet’s reward. The anointing we sow into is the anointing that multiplies in our life. And I believe it. I believe it. I believe it. Lord, I’ve decide to be a good experience, a righteous experience. I’ve decided to be Your seed into the earth. I pray for every member of the Church By Phone family. Oh, God–oh, God! May we never be so selfish that all we think about is relieving favor. We will master the seed-sower’s mentality. We will develop the nature of a seed-sower of favor. And where ever we can do good, we will do it. We will do it. In Jesus’s Name…. Father, our future starts one person from now. Our future begins one person from now. There is somebody, that when we show them favor, the heavens are going to open. We don’t even know why, but the heavens will open. In Jesus’s Name.

Dr. Murdock fasted a meal today [Wed] for a man that he’d never met–a man in Washington DC. He’s never even had a conversation with him. But this man has shown such favor to Dr. Murdock and his ministry. One of the things that he asked the Holy Spirit to do for this man and his business was to expose every financial leak in his world. And to remove every deceptive voice.

If wrong people are removed from your world, right people will explode in your life.
You’ve got to leave Egypt before you taste the grapes of Canaan.
A wrong person has to be exposed before you can taste the victory of a right person.
God has to silence the voice of somebody that’s bringing the odor of disloyalty into your life.

A lady named Gail today [Wed]–about a month and half ago the letter was given to one of Dr. Mike’s assistants, and it was forgotten to give it to him. The letter contained a very generous seed. This lady has every right to expect a reward from God, a supernatural harvest for her seed. And she didn’t even know that Dr. Murdock doesn’t receive pay from the Wisdom Center.

Dr. Murdock lives by his seed–he doesn’t receive a penny from the tithes and offerings of the Wisdom Center.

Someday he’ll tell us how, and how much God has blessed him, and kept him.

Does it matter where you sow?
You bet your life.

Remember David and Jonathan?
Long after Jonathan was dead–the favor flows from generation, to generation to generation.

Bob Gass bought a relative of Dr. Murdock’s a Cadillac just because he was ” kin”.

Do you have any idea, when God likes you everybody else who likes you get blessed?

When I love somebody God loves, I get the blessing!

Jesus, our Jesus, our Elder said, If I take the burden off of a man of God, I get that Prophet’s, that man of God ‘s reward.

Three things:

1) Sow, sow, sow, sow, sow, sow, sow favor

2) Sow it into right people, good people, righteous people

3) Expect God to notice and unleash the windows of Heaven in your life.

2013 has been the most amazing year so far.

Thankful people become happy people.

The thankful will never stay broke.

The thankful will walk in Divine favor.

Praise God!

You won’t be able to sow, to give, until you’ve mastered the art of receiving.

Jesus said, You have freely received and now freely give.

Whatever you’ve received, sow. Lavish it upon others.

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