A Surprise Conversation #2

A Surprise Conversation
Over the next 10 days
Church By Phone
Easter Sunday 03-31-13

(re-aired Wednesday 04-10-13)

It’s so believable.

This is something you can wrap your faith around.

The Lord has really stirred Dr. Murdock’s
heart about this surprise conversation.

Thank You, Father for these moments together. I thank You. I thank You. Thank You for talking to us, Lord. We really have a passionate need for conversation. Meaningful conversation–believable conversation. Compassionate conversation. Competent communication. Father, we have such a rare, rare, unexplainable obsession–an insatiable passion for worthwhile communication–that creates movement for us. Movement toward answers, solutions, things to do. And I’m so grateful, so thankful. Lord, we’re receivers tonight (and those that’ll be listening on the re-air tomorrow). We’re receivers of every good and perfect gift that You offer us. Amen. Amen. Praise God.

Remember the young man, who had a day off from working for Dr. Murdock. He wA just working for free, helping on his day off. They had a conversation about budgeting, and Dr. Murdock asked him how much he made hourly–it was the $8/hour it had been since when he’d first started. Dr. Murdock felt stirred to give him an immediate $2,500 bonus and raise his salary considerably.

It came out of servanthood.

It was a seed.

He decided to sow some time just to help (on his day off), and it
led to a surprise conversation with Dr. Murdock.

*** The Key to Prosperity is NOT Prayer ***

The key to prosperity is very simple:
When you solve a problem, you create a Divine debt with God.

Isaiah 58

Psalms 41

Ephesians 6:8

Isaiah 61:1-7

Ruth solved a problem for Naomi, and got the attention
and the favor, through his employees, of Boaz.

Money is more important than anybody’s telling you.

Don’t let all the spiritual hypocrites or Phariseeism knock
that, don’t let anybody destroy that.

If you’ve gotta goal, and you want to help people,
you’re gonna need money.

If all you want to do is get food for your kids and send em
to Sunday school, you’re going to need money.
If you’re a single mother, and all you want is have
somebody watch your kids from 8am-5pm so you
can work: you’re going to need lots of money.

Childcare is expensive.

If you want a car that runs well, that’s going to cost you.

Dr. Murdock believes that the young man’s miracle started
when he said, “I’m going to solve a problem for Dr. Murdock.”

Everywhere you solve a problem, you prove honor.
And everywhere there’s honor, favor is activated.

Everywhere there’s favor, there’s money. Everywhere.

When you solve a problem, God owes you.

It’s the Law of Balance.

It’s the Law of Reimbursement.

It’s the Law of Reward.

It’s the Law of Compensation.

It’s the Law of Fairness.

No one can accuse God of being unfair.

That’s why He sent Jonah through “Whale University”:
So the people of Nineveh would have second chance.

God’s a “2nd Chance” God.

And He’s full of mercy.


Everything is currency.

Love is currency.

A smile is currency.

Mercy is currency.

The highest currency on earth is time.

God gave us time to exchange for everything else we have.

What you do with your time is what you’ve done with your life.

I know what you value by what you exchange your time for.

God gave us the currency of 168 hours a week.

Dr. Murdock reduced it into 15-minute increments so he could know,
every week, how many units of time can he exchange and what will
he get for it.

Look at this:
A ten-pound bar of iron can make horseshoes worth $30.

That same ten-pound bar of iron can make needles worth $300.

That same ten-pound bar of iron can
make watch springs that’re worth $3000.

Your hours can be exchanged for $10, $15, $50, $100, $1000…
It depends on what you exchange your hours for.

Dr. Murdock exchanges an hour of his life for information he doesn’t know.
ex: I buy a book for $20. The book may’ve cost the author 20 years
of his life to obtain that information. I exchange my $20 + time & get
that information.

Life is a constant business transaction.

Every day.

Business is exchanging what you’ve been
given for something else that’s possible.
It’s solving a problem for an agreed reward.

The only word we heard Jesus speak for 3 decades were,
“Did you not know I must be about my Father’s business?”


God loves to do business with us.

God loves to do business through us.

The closest thing to God is a competent, caring person.

A Dr. Murdock tweet: “Incompetence is indescribably unsexy.” 🙂

Abigail, Ruth, Prov 31 woman….

A Surprise Conversation

Just treat people right, and you’ve pleased God.
You don’t have to do miracles. And you are great.

A surprise conversation is a believable miracle.

For every person that will hold up Dr. Murdock’s hands
on this trip–whether in prayer, in finances, however–
there’s going to be a surprise conversation. Some are
going to get one every day.

The Samaritan woman at the well had a surprise conversation
with Jesus.

Jesus planned the conversation, it was a surprise to her.

God commands Elijah to go to Zarephath.

One surprise conversation.

A housemate makes a comment, that Elisha was
seeing leprosy disappear in his ministry.

Leprosy takes 16-20 years to show up in your body.

In one conversation, Namaan’s lifetime headache was removed.

Rebecca sees an old man, the steward for Abraham….
Somebody was looking at camels and ignoring em,
but not Rebecca…

It’s not who hates you, it’s who likes you that makes a difference in your life.

(maybe who hates you too, thinking of Goliath…)

Where do you need a surprise conversation?
Because that’s the 10-day harvest.

It’s not God who controls your lifestyle,
it’s your faith that controls, unlocks,
my lifestyle.

God sees it, He knows it…

It’s not pain that moves God, it’s my faith.

So whoever works with your faith, is an irreplaceable part of your lifestyle system.

That’s why AA Allen, Oral Roberts
because they worked with our faith.

These are 10 days of uncommon, unprecedented, unsurpassed faith.

Somebody is going to make between a $225,000-250,000 contract
and it’s going to be the tipping point to your first millionaire status,

Somebody will link with your Boaz in these 10 days.

There’s a woman listening–you’ve got so much good in you,
you’ve got so much love in you–but there’s a missing conversation
that has prevented that part of you–

It was a conversation with Boaz, and out of that conversation
with Boaz–he said, Everybody’s talking about you. They say
that you treat your Mother-in-law 7 times better than anyone
treats their own Mother.

And when you find any woman that can speak effectively to other
women, that’s a rare woman. She didn’t make other women jealous.
She made other women admire her.

There’s a surprise conversation coming.

It’s gonna happen in 10 days….

Dr. Murdock’s Mother’s birthday was
yesterday and he meditated on her life.
She was a wonderful, godly woman.
She loved the Lord.
She loved God’s Word.

The Bible is a book about conversation.

God spoke.

When God talks, faith happens.
Your faith comes alive.

Dr. Murdock received a compliment from Oral Roberts, who said,
“Mike, when you talk to me, I always know it is something God would say.”

Whoever works with your faith, they’ve changed your life forever.

Where do you need a surprise conversation?

Like Ruth, you may need to initiate the conversation.

The woman with the issue of blood had an internal conversation.

David encouraged himself in the Lord.

Jesus initiated the conversation with the woman at the well.

It may be a conversation with your children.

Surprise conversations where somebody
speaks up for you, recommends you,
introduces you to someone.

Right now, somebody is discussing
blessing you, “What can I do for _______ ?”

Embrace the character of God.

That He is looking out for you.
That he wants good for you.

Embrace the God of:
Psalms 37, 34, 91

The 14 Promises of Isaiah 58

I choose to believe that I’m one surprise conversation from the blessing I am wanting.

You may be the one God wants to give birth to the surprise conversation.

It may be a compliment. Reassurance of what you meant.

Maybe there’s a phone call to call your father who you haven’t seen or spoken to in years.

It may be to your aunt or your uncle, somebody who invested in you and you’ve never properly thanked them.

Maybe it’s an apology.

The first proof of repentance is reimbursement.

What’s the first thing Zacchaeus did…?

Don’t believe anybody’s repented unless they’ve returned the money that they owe you.

Do you think saying “I’m sorry” is an apology??

Repenting means to first reimburse.

Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it’s in the power of your hand to do it

A surprise conversation.

It may be an apology.

It may be a commendation/recommendation that you need.

Did you realize that you can be the one who sets the conversation in motion?

You can set it in motion for somebody else.

There’s somebody out there, that you did somebody wrong and you know it.
You know it.
You set that surprise conversation on motion
and watch what God does with you.

Father, I thank you. I ask for 300 that will partner with me for the Nigeria trip: The Nigeria 300.
I ask that this uncommon, generous seed be the seed that restore their business. Restores their vision. It will be a seed of significance. Hasten the harvest to my family. I ask You for a 10-day harvest. I ask You for one conversation that brings great joy–and even a financial return. Father, You said that You would give seed to a sower, so the fact that we have seed to sow means that we’re connected to You. You’ve given us seed to sow. Father, some are sowing a $500 seed–a seed that is very large for them. And Father, I ask You to accept that seed, wrapped with expectation, and that the harvest within 10 days be worth 10 times more than that initial seed. Let them know, remember that they used their faith. When we use our faith nothing is impossible.

Father, I curse every false report from I any doctor who has brought sorrow and unbelief. And let them go back to the doctor and the doctor say, “There’s been some kind of change. I don’t know what…” But You are the healing Jesus. I curse all disease and discomfort from the head down to the feet. Body be healed. Heart be healed. Blood system be healed. Colon be healed. Lower-back be healed. Jaw be healed. Neck be healed. Swallowing be healed. Ears be opened–be healed. Eyes be opened–be healed, in the Name of Jesus. I release the healing of Jesus. I curse the hernia and command the hernia to dissolve and disappear, on the authority of the Blood of Christ on Calvary. Receive your healing river, in Jesus’s Name. It is done, it is done.

Glory to God, glory to God, glory to God.

Family, just say, “I receive.”
Say it out loud:

I receive.

I am a receiver…of a surprise conversation.

That’s the miracle that we’re believing God for.

Remember to journal every day.

Praise God.

To sow (for Nigeria) into Dr. Murdock’s ministry:

Whatever you sow, wrap expectation around it.

Whoever works with your faith, changes the equation of your heart.

WisdomOnline.com >> Button 15

Journal the next 10 days.

Dr. Murdock will be doing a telethon in South Bend, Indiana tomorrow evening.

April the 9th, he will leave for Nigeria.

Every day for 10 days…

A surprise conversation.

There’s gonna be markdowns. There’s gonna be
debt cancellations. The house that you thought was
going to cost you X, there’s gonna be $30,000 –
$40,000 – $50,000 drops. There’s gonna be
conversations that restore relationships.

Text the word Wisdom to 46786 to receive daily texts
from Dr. Murdock.

God’s purging your life.

When wrong people leave, good things happen.

Jesus didn’t try to get the rich young ruler
to stay, neither did the prodigal sons father.

Their ways will correct them.

Learn to live with em.

If God cannot change somebody, you’re a fool to try.

Let God deal with em.

Let God deal with the rebels.

A Surprise Conversation

A Surprise Conversation
Over the next 10 days
Church By Phone
Sat 03-30-13

(re-aired Tues 04-09-13)

The next 10 days I will experience a
surprise conversation as one of the
miracle harvests of my lifetime.

When the Holy Spirit talks to me, and I
move swiftly it’s like there is a cascade,
like a Niagara Falls of the blessings of
the Lord.

Father, I praise You tonight. For Your
teaching capabilities. For Your love.
I’m so thankful for access to Your
Presence. You’ve invited us to come
boldly to Your throne. And Lord, there’s
going to be one of the most supernatural
10 days of our lifetimes. A surprise
conversation. It’s a harvest. It’s a
harvest nobody can really explain. We
only have the predictability of Your
character, of Your nature. You know
what we need when we don’t.

You know what can change our lives
when we don’t. Thank You, Holy Spirit.
Thank You for these moments with our
family. Thank You from the depths of
my heart. Praise God. Praise God!

Dr. Murdock wants us to journal for the next
10 days, today as the beginning. Remember,
you are one conversation away from every-
thing that you are desiring–everything that
you are wanting to happen in your life.

Somebody used to say, “One word from
God changes everything.” And it’s true,
it’s true.

A Surprise Conversation

The Law of Gratitude

The Law of Gratitude
Friday 03-30-13
Church By Phone

There’s no one like Him.

July 13th, 1994:
Dr. Murdock was awakened to the most awesome anointing, a Presence, a person.
He thought maybe his Dad had gone on Home to be with The Lord and he was receiving his father’s mantle that he had asked for in an Elijah-like way.
There was an indescribable desire to pray.
There was joy there too.
Then he thought, No…there wouldn’t be this joy, there’d be a sadness if his father had died…
Maybe it’s someone praying for him, as he always used to ask people that whenever they saw a bag of M&M’s–in a store, or where ever–just to drop to their knees and call out his name in prayer….

Everyone wants a “turning point”, a “burning bush” moment…
Dr. Murdock went downstairs, and to his building next door, into his secret place. There were altars from a Baptist church nearby in that room, and Dr. Murdock prayed and prayed, and went into the most supernatural lifestyle encounter, and he began to cry with joy, “This is what You wanted us to know.

This was what Jesus was talking about when he said,

John 14:16-18 (NKJV)
And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.

And Dr. Murdock fell in love with the Person of the Holy Spirit.

He is the One who brings us to Jesus.

He is the One who connects us with the Nature of Jesus–the Character of God in us.

He is the One who is almost like the “midwife”
giving birth to the new Nature, the God Nature in us.

In Dr. Murdock’s life , the Holy Spirit is so real–so tangible–
that there’s really no way to describe how impactful He is in his life.

Before this encounter, Dr. Murdock never had written songs to the Holy Spirit,
maybe one (“Spirit of Wisdom, rest on me…teach me, teach me teach me…”).

The most important Person in my life is the Holy Spirit.

He’s easily offended, easily agitated. There’s so much to Him.

He is the Person that decided my assignment on the earth

Jeremiah 1:5 (NKJV)
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

He’s the One in Acts 8 Who decides whom you’re assigned to.

Acts 8:29, 39 (NKJV)
Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go near and overtake this chariot.”… Now when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing.

In Acts 13, the Holy Spirit is the One who knows where you’ll flourish geographically.

Acts 13:2-4 (NKJV)
As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said, “Now separate to Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away. So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus.

He’s the One who created humans.

Job 33:4 (NKJV)
The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Job 26:13 (NKJV)
By His Spirit He adorned the heavens; His hand pierced the fleeing serpent.

John 15:26 (AMP)
But when the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) comes, Whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth Who comes (proceeds) from the Father, He [Himself] will testify regarding Me.

Ephesians 1:17 (KJV)
That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him….

Isaiah 11:1-2 (KJV)
And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord….

We’ve been talking about the [72] Laws of Life

Tonight, our focus is:

The Law of Gratitude


The first sin ever committed was unthankfulness.

It’s unthankfulness for what you have that causes you to be lifted up in pride.

Many preachers think that lucifer had that sin when he was in heaven.

Apostle Renê Terra Nova
Manaus, Amazon (in Northern Brazil)
He has 85,000 in his church.
125,000 ministers and Pastors under his ministry.
A profound man of God.
He has written some outstanding revelation on the Law of Honor.
He shared with Dr. Murdock that lucifer was in
charge of all of the honor that was presented to God.

Some people say there’s 9 different types of angels.

Dr. Murdock was named for Michael the archangel.

Some of the different types of angels:
warring angels, worshipping angels, guardian angels, etc.

Some of them are invisible and angels can and do take on a human form.

Now lucifer became resentful with God and entered
into a war, taking along a third of God’s angels,
and the Bible says God flung lucifer out of Heaven.

And lucifer does not have horns, a red tail or cape.
He does not walk upright like some angry lion.

The Bible says he was “the son of the morning”–
a son that created great pleasure to the Father.

The most poisonous odor on the earth is the odor of disloyalty.
And it comes out of unthankfulness.

Unthankfulness is the seed for disloyalty.

Unthankfulness is the seed for the reprobate, the Absalom spirit, the Judas core.

Every mother and father has watched their children go through the unthankful zone.

Usually it’s the product of immaturity, resentment.

Ingratitude, unthankfulness is so poisonous, it’s hard to even describe.

But the Law of Gratitude is at work on the earth.

Reasons for gratitude vary.

The expressions for gratitude come in many forms.

The show of gratitude is not gratitude.

Words of gratitude are not always proof of gratitude.

> Many have been taught ethical reactions.
> the illusion of protocol, the imagination that someone is thankful.
ex: it’s far more than saying, “Thank you for the meal.”

Gratitude is an expression, it’s not like honor.

Gratitude is the lowest level of honor.

It’s not proof of honor. It’s not a gift.

Look into the ” firstfruits ”
> Is it the first 3% of the tithe, or is it not the tithe, but a 3% offering that goes up to a spiritual father…or…?
> However, all throughout the Word of God, it talks about the first fruits….
> Apostle Terranova in Brazil teaches about this, and several ladies from Brazil give to Dr. Murdock their “firstfruits” offering as a thankful seed.

Thankful people are never forgotten.

Thankful people make life bearable, survivable.

A thankful child can make up for 10 Absaloms in your life.

Gratitude is a seed for intimacy.

Gratitude is a seed for longevity in a relationship.

Unspoken gratitude is not gratitude at all.

Some people are thankful because of something you gave them.

* Remember *
>> The giver is a thousand times more important than the gift that they give to you
>> The difference between the wise and the fool is that the fool builds as
monument to the gift, while the wise builds a monument to the giver in their life

How do we know this?
Because Jesus is far, far more important than Calvary, than the crucifixion.
We’re thankful for the Person on Jesus.

Jesus talks about the woman who put in the two mites,
not her offering–His focus was on the person:

That’s why He forgave the woman who’d been caught in the act of adultery.


[Thank You for this image = = > FaithPictures.wordpress.com – click on the image to visit this inspired site ]

That’s why he spoke with the Samaritan woman at the well.

That’s why He went to lunch with Zaccheus.

Gratitude changes everything in a relationship.

Remember when 9 of the 10 lepers didn’t come back.

Any leader will identify the unthankful–the people
that trivialize the seeds that he plants–in his presence.
A leader invests in this examination to avoid misplaced mercy.

What do you do with the unthankful?

3 reactions:
If they’re your child, you can kneel down, “Now say ‘Thank you, Daddy. I’m so thankful for this gift that you’ve given me. ‘ ”
If it’s a child, if it’s the immature, the inexperienced: you train–you disciple the child, the unknowing, the inexperienced.
There are people in your life that are not thankful for anything that you do for them.
You disciple them through example, through training, through behavior modification.
ex: through a spanking
ex: “You know, I let you stay out until 11pm tonight, and you were unthankful: you stayed out til 11:30pm. And because of that you’re not going out again for a month.”
You can discipline, disciple them.

Then there are people whom you must confront: “Are you aware of your ingratitude? Of your unthankfulness?”

Unthankfulness is when you take something that wasn’t owed to you.

Unthankfulness is accepting help that you didn’t qualify for.

Unthankfulness is an odor in every home.

That’s why it’s so important to teach a child to make his bed, clean his room, do the dishes, set the table, empty the trash, wash the car, etc.

If you were paid for an hour’s work today and there were 10 minutes that you were unproductive, you owe that back. You’re an unthankful person.

Trust no man that forgets his debts.
That forgets the source of good in his life.
Who wants what he didn’t qualify to receive.

Remember how Jesus responded to the man with one talent.

The command to increase was the first command given in the Garden.

God says, I’m going to give you something and what
you do with it reflects your level of gratitude back to me.

Productivity leaves a trail of gratitude
Non-productivity leaves a trail, an odor of ingratitude behind it.

Where have I been thankful?
Where have I been unthankful?

How do I express thankfulness?
Well, why don’t I learn? I had to learn English. I had to learn to walk.

[review questions from The Law of Communication]
How do I communicate discomfort?
How do I communicate encouragement?
How do I communicate agreement?
How do I communicate disagreement?
How do I communicate a new thought, a new idea?
How do I communicate my difference?

How do I communicate love?

Where am I stupid?

Where am I most stupid?

Who am I willing to learn from?

Who taught me gratitude?

Who taught me thankfulness?

The fruit of making a mistake, of being wrong, is humility.
And the proof of humility is the willingness to apologize and reimburse.

On finances and handling your money:
– you’ve got to learn to handle what you’ve got
– what you do with $10 is what you’ll do with $10 million.
> if you throw away $10, you’ll throw away $10 million.
> if you throw away a dollar, you’ll throw away a hundred
– money’s a magnifier of your character, and your IQ

What I make happen for others God will make happen for me.

My gratitude to God for good treatment
shows in my good treatment of others.

Whatever I have received I am commanded to give, to sow.

Mercy, kindness, open doors, commendations.

What I do for others reveals my gratitude.

Ingratitude is the seed for loss. Everything you’re ungrateful for will exit your life.

>> The Law of Recognition
Dr. Murdock believes this to be the greatest book he’s ever written.

Everything unrecognized is uncelebrated
Uncelebrated things will leave your life.

Sherman Owens, “Whatever you’re most thankful for will increase, multiply in your life. ”

Do an A-Z “Thankful List”
>> write it down

End and open every day with thankfulness.

Because by nature, we’re (typically) not that way.

To improve our environment, not to affirm it.

Unless you’re the “sanguine personality”, who see something good in anything

Labor and toil to enter into thankfulness

Faith comes by hearing
So does doubt
So does unbelief

Make thankful recordings for yourself.

Thank God for the people you love.

Remember faith is voice-activated, along with joy ,etc

There’s not a human in your life that’s worth the energy
of hate, or any energy that takes away from your joy.

There’s people that have spoken into your life words of encouragement.

Start your Thankful List today.

Start an honor journal, and put the pictures and
phone numbers of people who’ve shown you honor.

Thank You for open doors.

Thank You, Father, for our Church By Phone family.

The Law of Focus

The Law of Focus
Thursday 03-28-13
Church By Phone


Focus is where we fail or where succeed.

The first thing God told Adam, was that He warned him about a tree in the Garden that would break his focus.

Some of us say, God: Why did You even tell him?
Maybe he wouldn’t have even found it…?
But the Law of Mercy always warns us.

Paul said, “…this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14 KJV)

“Mine eye affecteth mine heart…” (Lamentations 3:51 KJV)
“I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes…” (Psalms 101:3 KJV)

“Don’t get off track, either left or right, so as to make sure you get where you’re going…” (Joshua 1:7 MSG)

Nicodemus, only seeing the present world, his attention was turned.

Thousands of years after Lot’s wife died, having turned into a pillar of salt, Jesus said to “Remember Lot’s wife.” (Luke 17:32)

The angel had instructed her not to look back.

The only reason men fail is broken focus.

Where should I be focused?
Focus is more than just a word.
ex: Driving while on a cell phone and/or texting can lead to a car accident.
ex: A mother leaning back into the backseat to do
something with her child, and having a fatal car accident.

We see the damage of broken focus in every part of our society.

Focus is very important.
It’s important to your health.
It’s important to stay safe.
Focus is a necessity.

Focus is an important part of my life equation.

Satan does everything he can to break my focus.

Focus on the Secret Place.

God is not a waste of my time.

Decisions Decide Wealth

107 total decisions that the Holy Spirit told Dr.
Murdock when he spent those 4 months resting,
after his blood-pressure-related excessive bleeding
incident on a plane in the Toronto airport. Dr.
Murdock decided to cancel all preaching
engagements for 4 months and focus on
spending time with the Holy Spirit. It was
during this period that the Holy Spirit told
Dr. Murdock these 3 words: “Decisions
decide wealth

One of these decisions (that will affect my finances, by the way) is:

To make the decision to ignore human flaws and weaknesses and instead to search for and extract the Divine hidden deposit of gold within them.

Meditation and conversation magnify any thought.

If I talk about something, it makes it bigger.
If I think about and imagine something, it gets bigger.

Dr. Murdock has often said, “My mind is the resizing room.”
Where God allows my imagination to resize a good thing or a bad thing.

In marriage, when you’re in courtship, in dating,
you’re so thrilled about their uniqueness, their giftings.

Then when you get married, you want that person
to be responsive to you and they just look at you.

Now when you were dating you loved the fact that they received conversation from you. That they listened well. But then after marriage, you suddenly begin to look at this person and say, Why are you so quiet? I need a reaction, I need a response.

[Review questions from a few nights before]:
How do I communicate discomfort?
How do I communicate caring?
How do I communicate passion?
How do I communicate an idea?
How do I communicate disappointment?

Learning how to communicate –and different people
communicate different ways, and one will cry, the other gets angry.

ex: two different women can be mad about something,
and one woman uses derisive sarcasm, while the other
one cries, and says, “Baby, you’ve hurt me…!”
Two different styles of communication.

Oftentimes, in marriage, your focus gets broken off their difference, their greatness, their uniqueness, every good thing they’ve ever done, and all you see is that thing that turns you off.

Philippians 4:8 (KJV)

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

How will we ever get around to correcting certain things ?
Well, you won’t, but Ecclesiastes says “there’s a time.”
There’s a time to go over many things, and there’s a time to focus on one thing.

Are you able to shut wrong things out, in order to focus on the good things and recapture joy?

Are you able to focus on a problem, and eliminate everything else in your life, and just focus on that problem until answers and questions come together?

Focus is everything in athletics.

In basketball, your opponent may try “trash talking”
to you in a way that’s designed to break your focus.

Focus will be the reason you succeed.
Broken focus will be the reason you fail.

Focus will decide where you excel.
Broken focus will be at the source of pain in your life.

What are some things that qualify for your total focus?
note: total focus, meaning for a season, for a time
ex: you may wish to memorize the Bible, but doing it while you’re driving is not the time to do it
Again, “total focus” not meaning to focus your entire life/day on one little thing. There’s too much to do: taxes, car to vacuum/wash, there’s a banker or doctor thar you’ve got to meet with, etc.

One of the things to qualify your focus is:

– What is my time with the Holy Spirit going to produce for me?
>> I need to have a “Secret Place”, designated to meet with the Holy Spirit, and spend time with him in
> Start with the first 7 minutes of every day, devoted to meet with the Holy Spirit
> If I have a place for my car (the garage) then why wouldn’t I (first) also have a place to meet with the Holy Spirit?
>> When I come into the Presence of the Holy Spirit, come in singing:

Psalms 101:1-2 (NKJV)

I will sing of mercy and justice; to You, O Lord, I will sing praises. I will behave wisely in a perfect way. Oh, when will You come to me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.

> God expects an environment of worship and music
> Music is very important to God
>> I totally focus those moments on worshipping Him, singing to Him, putting everything to the side:

Hebrews 12:1 (NKJV)

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us….

>> Don’t wait for a “free day”, or an hour or a big chunk of time to get into the Presence of the Holy Spirit
> you’ll never do it, if you’re waiting for free time
> Just like writing a book: you’ll never get around to writing a book if you’re waiting for the time to do it before you start
[Just start doing it: the unnecessary will get pushed out, and the necessary will push it’s way into your day–don’t worry about not having enough time]
>> What do you want from those 7 minutes?
>> Focus on hearing His voice, speaking His Word

*** The secret to life is hidden in a successful day, and repeating that day ***

>> The secret to a day is routine
> Knowing when you’re getting up
> Knowing when you’re going to bed
> Knowing what you’ll do first, second, etc
> Routine controls the entire world
> Even people who are creative have a routine
ex: Thomas Edison said, My difference from other men is simple: other men think of many things all day long, but I only think of one thing.
ex: Benjamin Franklin picked out 13 virtues that he wanted to develop. He’d work on 1 for 7 days, do the next one for 7 days
>> These men understood the importance of establishing a routine.

So I establish where I want to be.
I establish what I want to do.
>> That’s the power of focus.

There’s so many times in our Christian life, in our
walk with God, that satan has disrupted our focus.

It doesn’t mean that you have to pray in tongues for 24 hours.
Just set aside time and focus on Him through something
you say, or through something you do.

aside: the purpose of technology is to process information in the shortest amount of time
> to process information to others, and to receive their information in seconds, rather than within hours–that’s why it’s so important
ex: Dr. Murdock uses a voice recorder to play back self-talk to himself–to record his voice and then play it back to him.
>> Dr. Murdock did a talk on order: about how important it is to excel in order; to excel in minutes; to excel in moments; to excel in the present moment

Excel in Excellence

Where Do I want to excel in excellence?

I can use technology (assuming I’m not a liar, and I trust my own voice) to record positive self-talk

I can use it to record audio of things that’ll help me keep my focus

God gave us a mouth to conquer our mind
If you can conquer your mind you can conquer your life

God gave us conversation to control imagination

Our imagination has no track–it’s an open field

There’s a time for haste, and there’s a time to stop, and slow down until you have all the facts & information

You can conquer your mind if you can manage your focus

You must learn how to talk to yourself to protect your focus:
>> Mark Muntain (along with Morris Plotts to Kenya & Tanzania, was one of the greatest missionaries ever, and he was assigned to India, who, though he had a hospital to run with thousands of people depending on him, would often say, “Thank You, Father. We love You. God give me Calcutta–Oh, God give me Calcutta!”

Focus is the way you get things finished, completed.

What is the one thing God’s told me to do with my life?

Ways to Maintain Focus
Review – Keep a master list of To Do’s in one place (Dr. Murdock uses an app called “2Do”). Keeping it all in one place will help you accurately assess your workload.
>> without having your tasks in one place, you may get to the important things last, or never at all
>> Never trust your mind with a task. Your mind is the most tragic place to store a task, a “to do”. Your mind is for creativity, not for memory.
>> Write it down. Writing it down will increase your memory.
> Researchers say, if you write down a task, you’ll increase the chances of doing it by 90 times(!)
>> Schedule an “end” to your tasks. If you don’t schedule an end, you’ll never taste the pleasure of a finisher.
> When you schedule an appointment, don’t say, I’ll meet you @ 2pm.
>> Say, “I’ll meet you from 2pm to 2:20pm.
> There has to be an exit.
ex: God even designed an exit for your body.
ex: Every house needs a back door.
ex: Every car needs an extra door. Why? You need an exit.

Look at all the things you need to do, then prioritize them:
>>What’s A? What’s B? What’s C, D, E, F? And so on.

I choose my focus. Then I protect that focus.

I never do something someone else is capable of doing, if I can get out of it.
I want someone else to do the things that they can do, because they cannot do what I alone can do.
ex: I’d never make a phone call to somebody if someone else can call that person for me.

Distribute tasks to others.

Focus is a learned art, a learned skill.

You focus when you know there is a time for everything.
There is a time, and there is a place.

Jackie Brown was a wonderful teacher on presentation and personal appearance.
She said, “Ladies, don’t be putting on makeup and fussing over yourself all day. Don’t leave your bedroom until your hair is in place. Get yourself the best that you can get and then walk out and forget about it.”
She said, “Focus on your appearance before you leave your bedroom for the day. Get your mind in order. Get your hair in order. Get your lipstick in order. Get your earrings on, and ask yourself, ‘Am I OK. Am I alright?’ Then when you meet people, you’re mind’s not on yourself. You can focus on them.”

So what are some things that I should focus on?
Well, it’s according to the scenario, the event…
ex: If you’re going out to eat, you focus on enjoying the people.
> You don’t sit there with a pen and pad and write down things you’ve gotta do that day, when you’re talking to everybody around you. You focus. You focus.

And there’s a place for everything.

Dr. Murdock is working right now with “order “.
note: Dr. Murdock loves magazines. “You have billion-dollar corporations selling me their ideas for $5, $7. You can’t beat a magazine for entertainment, information, ideas…. So I don’t like to throw out a magazine until I’ve gone through it and tore out (or take pictures of) all of the [good, striking] ideas. I get my money’s worth…!” 🙂

There is a time and a place for things.
There is a quickening of the Holy Spirit.
Don’t ignore the times and the seasons of God.

Don’t ignore the times and the seasons of God.

Determine whether the focus comes from the Holy Spirit, or from a distraction…?

What would be the result if I give myself totally to this focus?
What would be the possible return?

Ask the Holy Spirit: where do You want me to focus?

What’s the most important thing to your focus?
Your mind, your mind. Talk to yourself about your focus.

Do you know how to talk yourself into a proper focus?

Some things are obvious.

Everybody is clamoring for your focus.

The ability to focus is cultivated.

You develop it as you realize the wisdom of the situation.
Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference–difference in value.

Choose the focus that God has put in front of you to do, what He’s called you to do.

You’ll never lose as friend over choosing your focus, you’ll only lose an imposter.

All thru your life, you’re going to have people try
and change your perception of what matters most.

That may be their focus, but more likely: they have time to criticize, but not time to help.

Others’ understanding of what’s valuable to you is often different than your own.

*** We teach people through what we permit ***

Teach your family to respect your chosen focus.

Then when you’re meeting with your family, abandon
yourself to your family so that they can have all of you.

Qualify people for your focus.

Who do I qualify?

There’s a lot of fascinating people on this earth.

Only the unknown people are the boring people.

God is an uncommon God, and He makes uncommon people.

The reason we lose focus, or don’t tend to our focus is
because we don’t like the burden of turning down others,
of choosing others.

We don’t like the burden of rejecting a task or something good.
We hate turning down a possible opportunity.

We, the partners of Dr. Murdock’s ministry, are going
to receive every month a daily devotional that will be
30, 31 days of something to focus on for that day. 🙂

Don’t even try to please everybody.

Billy Cosby said, “I don’t know the secret of happiness,
but I do know the secret of unhappiness: trying to please everybody.”

Dr. Murdock tries to get 10 significant things done every day.

Health should be one of your prominent focuses.

Nobody else is going to focus on your health.

You’re the only one that knows what should matter most in your life.

– Take time out to visit with the Holy Spirit
– Focus on your health, what you should eat, what you should do [exercise, etc]

For focus I have to be diligent, decisive, militant–I have to be ruthless.

My health has to be my focus because nobody else cares.

I’m very, very replaceable:
> The day that I die, after I’m buried, everybody
is going to go to KFC and be laughing at old jokes at
KFC, having a good time–life is going to go on.

Nobody is going to take care of me.
Nobody is going to watch out for me.

Make my health my focus.

And everybody that’s asking me for money?
They’ve got plenty more people to ask.
And they may be mad at me because I didn’t pay em.

God never intended me to ignore my personal needs for the sake of others.

Don’t ever forget to focus on myself.

The happiest me is the best gift I can give someone else .

Don’t you dare buy something for your kids
when you could’ve bought something for yourself.

Invest something into myself.
Invest time.
What do I love?

The people that live the longest are the people that take care of themselves.

Dr. Murdock’s Dad used to take the longest time to get dressed.
He was meticulous and methodical. He took care of himself.
[He’s 96 years old now].

Don’t you ever get so “super-spiritual” that you
think God is nervous that you haven’t woken up yet today. 😉

Don’t ever think that someone else won’t make it because you’re not there.

I need to focus on my joy, focus on my health.
Focus on my life.
Take some time.
Take some time for me.

If Jesus thought we were worth the cross, surely I’m worth a high-priced perfume/cologne.

Surely I can do something for me.

Taking time for me is never wasted time.

In all of your getting, get understanding (about your importance).

If God has all of the hairs on my head numbered,
then I need to live my life, to live a life that’s focused–
focused!–excellence in my own life.

Take care of me before I focus on everybody else.

Take care of yourself.

April the 9th Dr. Murdock takes off to Nigeria.

This coming Monday he’s flying over to South Bend,
Indiana (maybe Little Rock, Arkansas on the way…)

Dr. Murdock is supposed to be back home from Nigeria
on his birthday and then will fly back to (South) Africa.

Dr. Murdock needs help for his trip to Nigeria.

To sow: 866-874-8674
>> or: Button 8 on the website, look for “Church by Phone Seed”

[closing prayer]
Lord, I thank You for this evening. I ask You to give every partner a seed to sow for Nigeria–regardless of the size, let us have a seed to sow into one of the greatest nations on this earth. Some of the greatest people, the greatest Pastors are in Nigeria. Lord we stand together. We are thankful people. You have given us seed to sow, in a nation where people are struggling, we believe in miracles. We believe in harvests. And God will leave no man unrewarded. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.
[/end closing prayer]


Where should I be focused?

[Review questions from a few nights before]:
How do I communicate discomfort?
How do I communicate caring?
How do I communicate passion?
How do I communicate an idea?
How do I communicate disappointment?

Are you able to shut wrong things out, in order
to focus on the good things and recapture joy?

Are you able to focus on a problem, and eliminate everything
else in your life, and just focus on that problem until answers
and questions come together?

What is my time with the Holy Spirit going to produce for me?

If I have a place for my car (the garage) then why
wouldn’t I (first) also have a place to meet with the Holy Spirit?

Where Do I want to excel in excellence?

What is the one thing God’s told me to do with my life?

What’s A? What’s B? What’s C, D, E, F? And so on.

Determine whether the focus comes from the Holy Spirit, or from a distraction…?

What would be the result if I give myself totally to this focus?
What would be the possible return?

Ask the Holy Spirit: where do You want me to focus?

What’s the most important thing to your focus?

Do you know how to talk yourself into a proper focus?

What do I love?


The Law of Favor

The Law of Favor
Wednesday 03-27-13
Church By Phone

God will leave no man unrewarded.

I count on God because I trust His character.

God knows who to bless, when to extend mercy.

Small keys open bank vaults.

You can go thru life with a crowbar or you can use a key.
Keys are not beautiful, but they’re magical, they’re miraculous in what they open

Father thank You for this family. We’ve pondered on Your Word. We’ve wondered when will we see some of the harvest. We’ve wondered when will our loved ones change. We often wonder how can we impact our children, our mate? We’ve wondered what can we do next? What would You have me do next? Some of us have had great struggles in our minds. How can we accomplish our assignment until we can find trustworthy people? Father, teach us your Laws, teach us Your ways. We’re willing to be healed. We’re willing to be changed. We’re wiling to be focused. Wake up something inside of us, show us favor is not a gamble, a risk. Certainly not fate, not luck. There’s something so supernatural that happens when we do the right thing. Encourage us tonight, in Jesus’s Name. Amen.

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Favor is when someone wants to make my life easier.

Favor is when someone wants to use their gifts, their money, their words, to advance me. To get me closer to my goals, my dreams.

Dr. Murdock had one telephone call from Roger McDuff, introducing him to some television people, and Dr. Murdock received 4 years of free television, 4 times a week.

A million dollars(!) worth of free tv time, just because two men liked Dr. Murdock.

In West Memphis, Arkansas: from a little meeting Dr. Murdock had there, and a lady and her husband liked him, and they bought him thousands of dollars worth of clothes.

Favor: Someone deciding to bless me, to open a door for me.

Jimmy Swaggert spoke about Dr. Murdock for two minutes at church in Texas when Dr. Murdock was about 21 years old, and it opened so many doors for him to preach at numerous other churches.


You don’t get into your future from someone hating you, you get into your future form someone liking you.

Psalms 112:5 (KJV)
“A good man sheweth favour…”

So many people are obsessed with receiving favor, but if I get obsessed with sowing favor, showing favor, demonstrating favor, giving favor–I never sell anything I’m in position to sow–favor will get me in 24 hours what would’ve taken me 10 years to reach.

Dr. Murdock is paying $6,300 to put a young man through a Christian school. The young man’s father is dead. His mother has said he’s a good son. Dr. Murdock was impresses by the young man’s graciousness, his honor, his respectfulness. And the Holy Spirit impressed on Dr. Murdock to show him favor.

“A good man sheweth favour…”

Sowing seed is so beyond writing a check, or giving someone a 20-dollar bill.

I am a walking seed.

My words either advance
others or stop them.

Something I’m doing is either helping someone succeed or stopping them from succeeding.

A trustworthy, a righteous, an honorable…
“A good man sheweth[/soweth] favour…”

A good man sows favor.

A good man will help somebody succeed.

A good man will help somebody get through a problem.

A good man will cover somebody’s iniquity so that they can get back in the fellowship.

God never humiliated the weak.

He humiliated the proud, and the rebel.

God never humiliated the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery.

He never humiliated Zaccheus.

He only humiliated the Pharisees who thought they were better than everyone else.

Where am I sowing favor?

Where am I opening a door?

Where am I helping someone succeed?

Whose groceries did I buy this week?

Whose life did I make easier?

Favor is the most remarkable, incredible seed that I can sow someone.

Favor to someone going through a hard place.

Where ever I have sowed favor, there will be a hundredfold return.

History can document the power of sowing favor.

Who should I sow favor (in)to?
The elderly, of course.
The handicapped.

Nobody’s born equal.
We’re not equal in IQ, we’re not equal in giftings.

Where ever I can help somebody up.

There’s a song:
“If I could help somebody, as I walk along…if I could help somebody with a word or a song…if I could help somebody who’s going wrong…then my living shall not be in vain…”

“A good man sheweth favour…”

Am I good?

If I don’t show favor, I must be evil.

But what about me receiving favor?
I need somebody to show me favor too…!

Well, the seed must occur before the harvest.

Proverbs 11:27 (KJV)
He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour….

Do you think it was just happenstance, did God just flip a coin and say, “I think I’ll show Joseph favor from Pharaoh.” ?

Do you think it was just an accident that Ruth found favor with Boaz?
>> see Ruth 2:11-13

Was it that Rebecca just happened at the well and chanced into meeting Eleazar and lucked into becoming the wealth manager for Abraham’s son Isaac?

If I want good things to happen to others, if I’m doing the right thing for others, I will attract, procure favor.

Attitude, appearance, achievement: those are the 3 miraculous words that unlock the world of favor.

Robert Hath, President of the largest employment agency in the US, wrote a book, saying 98% of people are hired based on appearance.
>> then he wrote another, more recent book saying, “I was wrong: 100% of the people who are hired, are hired based on their personal appearance.”

The Book of Esther, which does not even mention the Name of God, said, When the king saw Esther, he had favor toward her.

What schedules seasons?

Favor ends tragedies.
Favor ends heartache.

Favor stops the season of loss, and launches the season of multiplication.

So how do I get favor, Mike? How do I get favor? I’ve prayed for favor I–

He didn’t say pray for favor.

Now, you can pray for favor, especially praying, “Lord, show me who I should show favor to…”

Don’t worry about a harvest as much as you worry about your seeds.
>> Take care of planting, sowing, favor – and let God handle the harvest of favor

If I take care of my seed-sowing, God will take care of my harvest growth.

“He that diligently seeketh good [procureth favor]”

Dr. Murdock has given away computers, cars, houses…why?

Seeking somebody’s good.

Dr. Murdock’s theme is Ephesians 6:8
>> What I make happen for others, God will make happen for me

Who’s good did I seek, did I pursue today?
Who’s mind did I settle at peace?

Who did I show honor to?
How did I show honor today?

Where did I show dishonor today?
Where did I show disrespect?

I may’ve showed disrespect and didn’t even know I did, but God did.

God did.

“He that diligently…”
>> diligence is continuous, relentless effort
“…seeketh good…”
>> good for others–what can I do for you?
“…procureth favor”

What does that mean?
So, if I try and sow favor to others, some of it will come back to me?

Was the sowing and reaping Scripture just for evil men?

Well, what do you think?

Dr. Murdock has often referenced his experience in Wilmington, Delaware:
> a friend with 5-6 children called Dr. Murdock crying, saying his kids were freezing, he had nothing, and he asked Dr. Murdock if he could possibly use his influence at the time to open some Pastoral doors for this man to preach.
> Dr. Murdock hand-wrote 27 letters that afternoon, sitting in a little Sunday school class, sitting in a little children’s church seat, and he was in that room, and wrote 27 letters.
> the man received 27 invitations
>> And from that day forward, every nation on
earth has been opened in Dr. Murdock’s life
>> And now, Dr. Murdock can’t even accept 5% of the open doors that come to him

And so God has said, if I will literally seek good for other people, I would procure favor

Let’s look at Proverbs 12:2 (NKJV):
“A good man obtains favor from the Lord…”

The proof of a good man is the good he does for others.

The proof of a good man is not that he carries a
Bible under his arm, or that he prays in tongues,
or that he wears a tie, or that he’s shy and timid

It’s in the favor that he shows to others.

A good man shows favor, he seeks good for other people.
>> And “he obtains favor from the Lord”

If a man is seeking good for others, God reacts and rewards that man accordingly.

Favor can get you a car in 24 hours.
Favor can get you a debt-free house in 24 hours.
Favor can get you open doors.
Favor can get you–your bill at the hospital, $18,000–favor can get that paid.

Favor, favor, favor, favor…!

Dr. Murdock had a Pastor friend from Houston, who feel to the floor in the bathroom at the Wisdom Center, during their World Wisdom Conference. They were rushing him to the hospital and they said, “He has no insurance…”. Dr. Murdock said, “I’ll take care of his emergency-room expenses. Make sure he’s alright. I’ve known him for 40 years.”

The bill was $20,000 (they cut it down from $28,000–one night in the ER…).

Yet, look at Dr. Murdock today: 67 years old. Not in a hospital. He can walk. He can talk. He’s in good health. Look at what God has done for him…!

The greatest gifts cannot be measured.

What causes people to be brought into favor?

One of the things that we know from the Book of Daniel is that obedience to God, an effort to please God, causes God to get involved in the equation.

Daniel wanted so much to please God that he told the king, It’s not in my religion to eat the food that you want me to eat. Give me a 10-day trial. And if I don’t produce–if I’m not stronger than all the other men, I’ll follow your law, but…meanwhile, gimme a chance to prove my difference.

The Bible says in…
Daniel 1:9 (NKJV)
Now God had brought Daniel into the favor…

Favor is a currency.
It’s an invisible territorial boundary.
Favor is not a moment.
Favor is a territory you enter.
It’s a zone.

Naomi knew that. That’s why she told Ruth, This man, with all this money, likes you, baby. He likes you! Baby, don’t go to somebody else. Stay around his house. Stay in the field with the servants. Establish credibility with those he trusts.

“Now God had brought Daniel into the favor…”

It wasn’t a moment. This wasn’t a day.

Who’s the most likely person to give you a gift?
Someone who’s already given you one.

“…and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs.” (Daniel 1:9 KJV)

You don’t need everybody liking you!
Just the right person liking you!
The decison-maker liking you.

When Dr. Murdock likes somebody, everything good happens.
When he likes somebody, he can’t do enough good for them.
There’s nothing he won’t do for somebody he likes.

God is in the favor equation.

God brings you out of the captivity zone, and brings you into the favor zone.

Bishop Jerry Grillo, from the Favor Center, in Hickory, North Carolina calls it
the FOG zone. F-O-G = Favor Of God

Dr. Murdock’s Pastor friend, from Rio de Janeiro, that he preaches so much for, on the door, when you go to walk into his huge Gulfstream Jet, it says, “Favor Of God”.

If God likes you, nobody else matters.

Favor can increase.

Favor can start off as a small seed, and end up to be huge.

Luke 2:52 (KJV)
And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Right words create favor.
Words that heal.
Words that give hope.
Words that encourage.
Words that are truthful.

Proverbs 24:26 (KJV)
Every man shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer.

Favor is pursued.
The favor of great men is pursued.

Proverbs 19:6 (KJV)
Many will intreat the favour of the prince: and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.

That means the whole world–millions. Millions understand the power of favor.

The power of favor is not stuck in the corner.

Dr. Murdock was heading to the house of his friend and was with Bishop Jerry Grillo and had just spoken with Pastor David Cirillo, at the Inspiration Ministry. And Bishop Grillo asked him if he’d remembered many years before, when Dr. Murdock was preaching, and turned around and asked him if he’d ever been to the Holy Land. He said he had not, and Dr. Murdock said, “I’ll pay your way to the Holy Land.”

A lifetime dream was achieved in a single moment.
Something he had wanted in years was achieved in a moment.

In a moment. In a moment…

In a moment.

In a moment!

Attitude: the Bible says that Daniel had an excellent spirit [see Proverbs 17:27 (KJV) ] that attracted achievers.

Dr. Rob Thompson, who Pastors in Chicago–one of the finest humans that Dr. Murdock has ever met–he often quotes that verse that says, “A man that is diligent will not stand before common men, but he’ll stand before great men.”

Proverbs 14:35 (KJV)
The king’s favour is toward a wise servant…

If a man has the spirit of a servant, he’ll unleash a river of favor from kings and leaders.

The king’s favour is toward a wise servant…

Proverbs 13:15 (KJV)
Good understanding giveth favour…

He that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Withhold not good from them, when it’s in the power of your hand to do so…

…Empty me out. Empty me out, Lord. Empty me out. Father, give me remarkable insight in identifying my warehouse inventory. You’ve placed inside of me, irreplaceable giftings. You’ve stored in me some of Your highest thoughts. Father, I’m a walking warehouse of seeds. You have given me the revelation of sowing, sowing, sowing–sowing! Looking for good soil. Looking for right soil. Looking for productive soil. And You’ve given me the reassurance, and the persuasion, that no man will go unrewarded by You. Nobody. Nobody. If You counted the hairs on our head–if every hair on our head has a number, do we think for one second that You have not photographed the favor we have planted into others? Father, let every husband–let every husband, let every husband(!) be gripped with a passion to languish favor into his home, on his wife, on his children. Let every son, let every daughter(!) embrace, embrace this. Father, if You have photographed the simple cup of water planted into the life of a Prophet, you said he will receive a Prophet’s reward. The anointing we sow into is the anointing that multiplies in our life. And I believe it. I believe it. I believe it. Lord, I’ve decide to be a good experience, a righteous experience. I’ve decided to be Your seed into the earth. I pray for every member of the Church By Phone family. Oh, God–oh, God! May we never be so selfish that all we think about is relieving favor. We will master the seed-sower’s mentality. We will develop the nature of a seed-sower of favor. And where ever we can do good, we will do it. We will do it. In Jesus’s Name…. Father, our future starts one person from now. Our future begins one person from now. There is somebody, that when we show them favor, the heavens are going to open. We don’t even know why, but the heavens will open. In Jesus’s Name.

Dr. Murdock fasted a meal today [Wed] for a man that he’d never met–a man in Washington DC. He’s never even had a conversation with him. But this man has shown such favor to Dr. Murdock and his ministry. One of the things that he asked the Holy Spirit to do for this man and his business was to expose every financial leak in his world. And to remove every deceptive voice.

If wrong people are removed from your world, right people will explode in your life.
You’ve got to leave Egypt before you taste the grapes of Canaan.
A wrong person has to be exposed before you can taste the victory of a right person.
God has to silence the voice of somebody that’s bringing the odor of disloyalty into your life.

A lady named Gail today [Wed]–about a month and half ago the letter was given to one of Dr. Mike’s assistants, and it was forgotten to give it to him. The letter contained a very generous seed. This lady has every right to expect a reward from God, a supernatural harvest for her seed. And she didn’t even know that Dr. Murdock doesn’t receive pay from the Wisdom Center.

Dr. Murdock lives by his seed–he doesn’t receive a penny from the tithes and offerings of the Wisdom Center.

Someday he’ll tell us how, and how much God has blessed him, and kept him.

Does it matter where you sow?
You bet your life.

Remember David and Jonathan?
Long after Jonathan was dead–the favor flows from generation, to generation to generation.

Bob Gass bought a relative of Dr. Murdock’s a Cadillac just because he was ” kin”.

Do you have any idea, when God likes you everybody else who likes you get blessed?

When I love somebody God loves, I get the blessing!

Jesus, our Jesus, our Elder said, If I take the burden off of a man of God, I get that Prophet’s, that man of God ‘s reward.

Three things:

1) Sow, sow, sow, sow, sow, sow, sow favor

2) Sow it into right people, good people, righteous people

3) Expect God to notice and unleash the windows of Heaven in your life.

2013 has been the most amazing year so far.

Thankful people become happy people.

The thankful will never stay broke.

The thankful will walk in Divine favor.

Praise God!

You won’t be able to sow, to give, until you’ve mastered the art of receiving.

Jesus said, You have freely received and now freely give.

Whatever you’ve received, sow. Lavish it upon others.

The Law of Decision

The Law of Decision
Tues 03-26-13
Church By Phone

It’s a great day to be alive.

It’s very interesting how
something good can
come about.

<opening prayer>
Father, thank You for
this most glorious day.
Let the Word spoken
from You tonight help
focus us. You’re do-
ing something sig-
nificant in our lives.
We sense it, we feel
it. We know it. Help
us to unload the un-
necessary. Help us
to identify the dis-
tractions. Help us
to let go of the
lesser goal for the
greater goal. Teach
us how to master
sculpturing a per-
fect day. Give us
the ability to de-
velop routines that
take us to the future
we dream about.
Father, there’s
something special
about tonight. We
sense it, we know
it. And we put
everything else to
the side. Thank You,
Father. You are a
great God. There
is none like You.
Praise God. Praise
God. There is none
like You.

We’ve been talking
about the 72 Laws
of Life

When I break a law,
I create loss.

When I break a law,
I create pain.

There’s a difference
between the life of
God and the law
of God.

Every territory has
different expectations.

My job, my home,
etc. All these en-
vironments require
different behaviors.
Likewise in all parts
of my life, there’s a
code of conduct for
entering it.

When I choose to
break a law, or am
just ignorant of it,
there’s a penalty,
a painful con-

Sometimes I only
learn thru the pain
b/c I was not trained
for the entry into a
new area of my life.


The Bible is a
book about decisions.

331 references to “if”:
“If…I’m willing
and obedient…”

Isaiah 1:17-19 (NKJV)

Learn to do good;
Seek justice, Rebuke
the oppressor; Defend
the fatherless, plead
for the widow. “Come
now, and let us reason
together,” says the
Lord, “Though your
sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white
as snow; Though they
are red like crimson,
they shall be as wool.
If you are willing and
obedient, you shall eat
the good of the land.”

Deuteronomy 28
& Leviticus 26:
deal with the
decisions we
are to make.

Proverbs 13:18 (KJV)

Poverty and shame
shall be to him that
refuseth instruction:
but he that regardeth
reproof shall be honoured.

What is wisdom?

The ability to
recognize difference.
Difference in a decision,
difference in a moment,
difference in an opportunity.

The dominant fruit of
wisdom is to identify
who should be honored.
At what level they
should be honored?
How will I honor them?

Wisdom is the
recognition of difference.
Honor is rewarding
them for their difference

The earth runs by
the reward system.
So does the
Kingdom of God.

Jesus continually
referenced reward.

He said that there
are decisions that are
our decisions to make.

Wisdom is knowing
what is a Divine
decision and what
is a human decision.

What are some decisions
only God can make?

What are some decisions
that only I can make?

I didn’t choose my
Mother & Dad.

I don’t choose
others’ attitudes.

God Himself withheld
from making certain
He couldn’t decide for
Nineveh to serve Him.
He couldn’t decide
for Cain to serve Him.

God wants to be
chosen by us,
He wants to
experience feelings
of being loved.

What kind of decisions
am I making right now?

Where to live?
Where to work?
Who to date?
Who to marry?
Who should I listen to?
Who’s mentorship
should I pay a price for,
invest in?

A decision means
you’ve got to lose

What am I
willing to lose?

I’ve got to
decide what I want.

When I decide
what I want, I’ve
got to decide
what I’ll do without.

This is what makes
decisions hard.
That we can’t have both.

That started in the
heavens when lucifer
rebelled against God.
Then continued in
the Garden of Eden:
God said, You’ve got
to decide, to listen
to Me or not.

This happens every
day, these decisions.
Who’s lying and
who’s not?

What will I gain
and what will I lose?

What will I delay?

What will I do next
week, and what
will I do right now?

1) Opportunity – is it
a unique opportunity?

2) Is there favor
in this decision?

Pay attention to
the path of favor
Never ignore dis-
respect, dishonor.
Pain will teach you
pleasure will not.
That’s why God
included pain in
the equation.
Pain is a master-
ful mentor.
When I see favor
I [should] walk
through that door.
There’s doors of
favor, however,
that you close
when you recognize
you’ve been deceived.

Is it a short-term
decision, or a long-
term decision?

God will have an
opinion of the decision
that I make.

Depend on the
Holy Spirit within me.

3) Am I at peace?
The peace of God
is very important.

What will happen
if I make the op-
posite decision?

What makes a
decision easy?
>> Ask questions

What do I look for
when I’m making
a decision?
I look for credibility,
stability, and foundation.

The Bible says by
their fruit, you shall
know them.
(Matt. 7:16, 20)
What does that mean?
That means that I
should examine their fruit. 🙂

note: Whenever some-
one includes the words
“as is”, that means there’s
something about that
item that they don’t want
to tell you.
ex: I’ll sell you the car as is.
Avoid these items 🙂

How can I know the
difference between
a right decision and
a wrong decision?

That’s why I should
have a circle of counsel.

Have 7 adults that
know my story, my
life, my history.

Listen carefully
to others’ words.

See if their counten-
ance is telling you
something different
than their words.

Every decision has
one underlying theme,
one thread.
One question that I
can ask myself when
making any decision:
Will the Holy Spirit be
satisfied with me?
Say Your will be done.
Not my will, but Yours.

<closing prayer>
Father, we thank You.
Thank You for this time
together. We’re making
decisions. We’re looking
for opportunity. Like
David did when he
made a decision to
take on Goliath. We’re
looking for the path of
favor like Esther did
when she went to the
King. We’re also look-
ing for the path of
peace. We’re looking
for an answer of peace.
Stop anything we’re
doing that’s displeas-
uring You Lord. And
we haven’t forsaken
the safety of counsel.
You said that there’s
safety in the multi-
tude–which means
the diversity–of
counsel. We’re not
about to make a
serious decision
without other people
speaking into our lives.
We’re willing to reach.
Slow us down. Father,
let the character of
others become very,
very real–very ob-
vious–to us. Lord
help us to be bold
in searching out
someone’s history.
You said to know
those who labor
among us. Help
us to be careful
and sensitive
about where we
invest our energy,
our time. And es-
pecially, help us in
the confidentiality
of our lives. Help
us to be very wary
about who we trust.
In Jesus’s Name.

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Asking more questions
makes any decision
easier. Asking for more

Asking more questions
will make my decisions

Never make a decision
when I’m tired.

Never make a major
decision when I’m angry.

Never make a major
decision when I’m lonely.

When I make a decision
when I’m emotionally
distraught, I’ll almost
always make a Sampson

Don’t do it.

Keep me ear close
to the Holy Spirit.

to plant a seed
Plant a seed
with expectation.

This is going to be
a wonderful week.

It’s a week of change.

<Prayer for Protégé 470>:
Father, increase their
keenness in every
decision that they make
in 2013. Increase their
decision-making for
financial decisions,
relationship decisions.
Give them radar vision,
that they can read mo-
tives of every person
that enters into a re-
lationship with them.
Father, some of the
protégés are being
thrust to makes great
decision right now.
They’re being pressured
to make this decision.
Father, give them great
peace about their de-
cision. Give them the
boldness to say “No”.
For every “No” that
they say, You’ll give
them a Divine “Yes”.
Father, close every
wrong door, open
every right door.
Exposé every liar
in our life.
B posé
every deceiver. Let
the odor of deception
be smelt in our spirit.
TThat nobody in 2013
can deceive us. In J
esus’s Name. Let that
be the harvest of
Protégé 470. Father,
if we’re not deceived
by people, we cannot fail.
In Jesus’sh Name. Amen.

God bless you, family.

I love you with all my heart.

I’ll be with yat 9[pm CST].

This call, like every n
Church By Phone call
is recorded and will be
re-aired for 24 hours at


What is wisdom?

The dominant fruit of wisdom is to identify
who should be honored: at what level they
should be honored? How will I honor them?

What are some decisions only God can make?

What are some decisions that only I can make?

What kind of decisions am I making right now?

Where to live?
Where to work?
Who to date?
Who to marry?
Who should I listen to?
Who’s mentorship should I pay a price for, invest in?

What am I
willing to lose?

Who’s lying and
who’s not?

What will I gain
and what will I lose?

What will I delay?

What will I do next
week, and what
will I do right now?

The 3 Questions To
Ask Myself Before
Making A Decision
1) Opportunity –
is it a unique
2) Is there favor in
this decision?
3) Do I have peace
about this decision?
Am I at peace
with this decision?

Is it a short-term
decision, or a long-
-/ decision?

What will happen if
I make the opposite

What makes a
decision easy?

What do I look for
when I’m making a
(I look for credibility,
stability, and foundation.)

And the overriding
question I should be
asking myself for all
of my decisions:

>> Will the
Holy Spirit be
satisfied with me?

The Law of Expectation

The Law of Expectation
Mon 03-25-13
Church By Phone

There’s nothing like the comfort
of the Presence of the Holy Spirit

His Presence is the only
place my weakness can die.

His Presence incubates a
persuasion about my difference.

That’s the only place I can
really know my assignment,
is in His Presence.

The Holy Spirit is a Person,
not a presence.

He’s a Person with a Presence.
ex: the barking of a dog is not a dog

The Presence of God is not God.
It’s the proof of God.

In His Presence I can change.

We’ve been dealing
with the Laws of God.

And it’s His Laws that
create my prosperity.

Not His Love.
The Love of God does
not guarantee prosperity.
The Laws of God
guarantee prosperity.

Which explains why some
missionaries are broke,
while evil men have wealth.

God does not decide
who receives wealth.

His Laws decide where
prosperity thrives and lives.

Psalms 112
Praise the Lord!
Blessed is the man
who fears the Lord,
who greatly delights
in his commandments!
His offspring will be
mighty in the land;
the generation of the
upright will be blessed.
Wealth and riches are
in his house, and his
righteousness endures
forever. (Ps 112:1-3 ESV)

Entering a country does
not ensure all will be well.

I must love His Comandments.

So it is in the Kingdom of God.

The Law of Expectations


God says:
I have expectations. I have instructions.

There are Divine formulas,
Divine equations.

And just like if you add one more part
oxygen to H2O (water), and it becomes
H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), which can
kill you–tampering with God’s
“formulas” can mean catastrophe.

Jonah shows us this.

God doesn’t do this with everybody.

Some people die, like
Ananias & Saphira, or Korah.

God handles people
in a customized fashion.

The Holy Spirit is both universal,
with certain Laws for everyone,
and yet He talks to us all differently.

He customizes certain instructions.

Children are all different.

But there’s formulas
that work for each one.

And there’s a formula
that works for me.

What about the Law of Expectation?

You can measure a man
of God not by his Divine
giftings & talents, but
by the man’s fear of God.

Does he have a true fear
and reverence of holy things?

Does he honor other men
who have a true fear of God?

Compare Saul, with an anointing upon
him, and David, with a heart after God,
seeking after God.

The Life of God in me produces
peace, prepares me for eternity.

The Laws of God, which I can choose
to obey or disobey, produce good fruit,

In the Scriptures, the Bible equates
wisdom with money, and it also
equates wisdom with prosperity.

One of the greatest rewards
of prosperity is influence.

If I have something that I want
to teach, influence will help.

There’s a Law of Focus
There’s a Law of Belief

Tonight we’re talking about
the Law of Expectation

Who has received, or been a part of
more miracles than Oral Roberts?

Oral Roberts told Dr. Murdock:

“The greatest secret of my
ministry is: Sowing a seed
toward a desired result.”

“The greatest mistake a Pastor can
make is to try and preach a different
sermon, a different message every
Sunday, when the people didn’t
get the topic of the first one yet.”

“Every man has a theme
given him for his life.”

Everybody arrives damaged,
everybody becomes damaged.
We need a Healer in our life.

“Expect a miracle.”

The Law of Expectation runs the Earth.

Expect great things.

What we’re hearing every
day really affects our faith.

What is faith?

Expectation works, even
in ungodly situations.

God came down to visit
the Tower of Babel

And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, Behold, they are one people and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do, and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them. Come, let Us go down and there confound (mix up, confuse) their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from that place upon the face of the whole earth, and they gave up building the city. Therefore the name of it was called Babel–because there the Lord confounded the language of all the earth; and from that place the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of the whole earth. (Genesis 11:5-9 AMP)

They were expecting
to reach the heavens.

God said:
The thing they’ve
imagined they can do.


It makes a ball player
become a superstar.

Read Charles S. Price’s book,
The Law of Faith
and see the part in there about
>> the woman in the wheelchair
that expected to be healed

What should I expect?
You should expect God to reward you.

The woman with the issue of blood.
Jesus did not have her on His schedule,
she had Him on her schedule.

Look at the men who tore open the roof
so their friend on the stretcher could be
lowered down to where Jesus was, and
the man was gloriously healed.

The blind man who cried out to Jesus,
his friends told him to shut up, and the
Bible says “he cried out all the more”.
He was expecting Jesus to heal him.

Remember when Jesus told the
doubters to get out the room? Why?
Because they diminished the fragrance
of expectation in there.

Expectation has an aura, a fragrance.

The fact is, the words that I speak
create death or they create life.

3 Keys:

1) I’ll never receive from God what I
want, I’ll only receive from God what
I’m truly expecting.

2) What I do reveals
if I’m truly expecting.

3) God is glorified, magnified,
and satisfied when He finds a
believer using their faith wrapped
with expectations.

Jesus working with expectations:
– The woman at the well, “I’ll give you
water so you’ll never thirst again.”

– Jesus teaching Peter about
prosperity, and the 100-fold
return in Mark 10

– “Come unto me all ye who labor
and are heavy laden and I will
give you rest…”

The best people in my life are
the people that help me expect
my miracle.

Expect God’s favor.
Expect doors to open.
Expect my job to open up.
Expect the healing of Jesus to flow.

What am I expecting?

Not expecting from people,
God works through people

Expecting from the character of God.

God has arranged a standardized level
of disappointment in people so that
I will be reliant on, and bonded to Him.

God wants me to know His difference:
– There is one God
– There is none like Him

I expect God’s character to benefit me.

I expect the Laws of
God to work for me.

I expect faith to attract
the supernatural.

I expect my sins to be forgiven.

I expect the Holy Spirit to help
my decision-making ability.

I expect God to stop my adversaries.

And every time opened His mouth,
He gave us something to expect.

Father, help us to turn off the voices that birth our doubts, and help us to turn on to the sounds that unlock our expectations. We’re expecting 2013 to be the Year of Prosperity. You said you’d give seed to anyone that sows seed. 2013 is the sower’s year. I’m not expecting the harvest, I’m expecting uncommon seed to enter my life–and I can plant, and I can sow. And I sow with expectation. Just like Elijah showed the widow what she should be expecting.

Luke 6:38 (NKJV) – “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

“Giving” happens once in that
Scripture, and then God gives
me 7 levels of expectation harvest:
1. It’ll be given to me
2. Good measure
3. Pressed down
4. Shaken together
5. Running over
6. Put into my bosom
7. Measured back to me
in the same level (of ex-
pectation) that I give it in

Thousands have planted
seeds, but the ones that
get the harvest know the
Law of Expectation.

Praise God!

Don’t let anybody tamper
with my success equation
Don’t let anybody tamper
with my prosperity equation

Don’t sit there absorbing
unbelief and doubt

[Rather,] wrap expectation
around my seed.

Praise God!

Lift your right hand high
and say these words:

I expect my sins to be
forgiven. [say it again]
I expect my sins
to be forgiven.
I expect my family to
serve God.
I expect the Holy Spirit
to double my wisdom.
I expect God to multiply
my seed 100-fold.
I will master the art of
endless expectation.

Praise God.

Work with my expectation.

Impregnate every
conversation with the
seed of expectation.

Make every conversation
pregnant with words of
Divine expectation of
what God will do.

Praise God!

Coming up…

The Law of Faith

The next night
The Law of Favor

The next night
The Law of Focus

and then…
The Law of Gratitude

To call Dr. Murdock’s
assistant (to plant a seed):


Ask for this gift, say, “I want
the gift copy of the Law of
Expectation,” on CD
[note: I believe these
recordings/gifts are only
available for any seed sown
within the 24 hours following
this call. So this specific re-
cording would be available
until 9-10pm CST Tues 03-26-13.

But you can ask for the
previous night’s recording,
whichever one it is, to be
sent to you on CD so that
you can listen to it over and
over, whenever you sow.]

If I change my expectations,
I will change my experiences.

God wants to be trusted.

The most important
Scripture in the Bible:

Numbers 23:19 – “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

Dr. Murdock planted a $200 seed
that was the money he was going
to use to buy clothes.

Since planting that seed, people
have bought him clothes all over
the world for the last 43 years,
and God taught him,

What I am willing to walk away from
determines what I will receive from God.

Joseph walked away from Potiphar’s
wife and God gave him the throne.

The widow of Zarephath walked away
from her last meal and God fed her
through the famine.

What I’m willing to walk away from
determines what God’ll bring me.

A second $200 seed he planted
in the Maybe Center in June 1994.

In less than 30 days later, on July the 15th,
the Holy Spirit visited him supernaturally
in his bedroom and forever changed his life.

Dr. Murdock was at a Pastor’s conference and
the preacher asked the 3,000 Pastors there to plant
a $200 seed to buy a house for Oral Roberts.

And the man who asked them to plant the $200 seed
prayed that the Holy Spirt would visit them. [Again,]
In less than 30 days, the Holy Spirt visited Dr. Murdock
and forever changed his life.


There was a woman in Knoxville,
Tennessee who came up to the
podium and said, “My ex-husband
has not paid me child-support in
15/16 years.”

Dr. Murdock asked her, “Did you
put his name on that seed that
you planted tonight?”.

She said, “I did.”

And so Dr. Murdock said,
“Then relax, and let the
Holy Spirt go to work.”

In 14 days she received
her first check from her

The first check in 15 years.

The first check: $65,000.

Your words reveal your expectations.

My words reveal my expectations.

When I speak words of doubt and
unbelief, I authorize demonic interception.

Thank God, I’ve got a God Who cares.

Praise God.

Praise God!