If You Were My Son…Learn to Listen

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Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference.
Honor is the ability to reward difference.

Our success depends on our decisions.

Take small steps.
Pursue wise counsel.

Our biggest problem is listening.

All success begins with listening.

Dima Shakarian, a very wealthy businessman, who started
Full Gospel Businessmen International.

Richard, his son, was talking to Dr. Murdock, and he said,
“Daddy said never talk to someone until they’re ready to listen.”

Focus on the excellence of the moment.

Listen 100% to whoever is speaking to you.

Would you serve a God who didn’t listen to you?

Would you consider someone a friend who doesn’t listen to you?

In Rev, Jesus’s last words:
“Hear what the Spirit has to say to the Church.”

Listening is proof of honor.

There is no greater inspiration than a sincere listener.

Look at every face–find the face that invites you.

Remember Acts 8, when Philip spoke to the Ethiopian eunuch…?

And the treasurer for Candace, the
Queen of Ethiopia said,

God loves words so much
He called Himself the Word.

God governs the entire universe with His mouth.

One of the Top 6 topics in Proverbs:
Wealth, Work, Women, Wine, Wisdom, and
> Words

Proverbs Chs 2, 3, 4: “Son, hear what your father is saying…”

When someone speaks, you will hear tone
that shows attitude.

You will hear information that shows pain.

You will hear passion when someone speaks.

Conversation contains treasures.

Often, one conversation is enough to interpret the potential
of the relationship.

In every conversation there’s a listener and a talker.

Listening is the seed for knowledge.

And knowledge controls the changes that you can
create in your life.

Pain doesn’t create a change.

Pain creates a desire for a change.

Knowledge decides the change.

Listening is a learned art.

Silence is not proof that you’re listening.

Many people who are silent are thinking.

Thinking of their ideas, thinking of other people, thinking
of ways that they can stop the conversation with grace.

How they can ease away with poise….

Listening decides the longevity of relationships.

When only one person is willing to listen, the relationship will die.

A non-listener is a sad experience–someone unwilling to listen to your
pain, your thoughts.

There’s some marvelous advantages in listening.

#1) Others know more about something than you do
– and you will not find it out until you’re willing to hear

In conversation, you rarely get “the gold” in the introduction.
You will not find the secrets of the novel hidden in chapter 1.

You have to listen long enough for someone to express the core of their heart.

Listen to your boss close enough to learn how to please them.

Few men speak without expressing their desires.

Almost every person will express hidden, unseen desires.

We often think that silent people are not passionate people.
But usually they’re the most passionate.

The internal, invisible volcano of desire lies dormant
unreleased inside because no one cares enough to receive…

Listening is receiving.

Receiving the pain, advice, counsel, joy, their commentary about life, what’s important to them, what matters to them.

The Bible is a book about receiving.

The first thing God gave to Adam was an environment.
Then God wanted Adam to receive a zoo.
Then God wanted Adam to receive a wife.
It’s fascinating that God gave Adam something He had never even enjoyed before.

Listening is receiving.

Listening is not mere silence.

Listening is a reward system for
someone who’s heart burns for companionship.

Listening is a seed into another person’s life.

Listening is also a harvest to whoever’s speaking.

You’re their harvest, when you listen to what they’re going through.

Can anything more joyous happen than to find a harvest?

Are you a skilled listener?
Are you a reluctant listener?

Are you a contentious listener?
Do you play “devil’s advocate” all the time?

Do you listen to learn?
Do you listen to know?
Do you listen to discern?

Do you listen to find out how to pleasure someone?

If you’re not going to be a pleasurable experience, be no experience.

Do you listen, anxious for a place to cut in?
– Anxious for a place that they’ll stop…?

Until you master listening you’ll never master life.

Listening can increase your own skills.

When you listen to a presentation, you’ll think, “I can do that better.
I want to do that, but differently…”

Eliminate words that cut, sever, and slash.
Instead use words that mend, that heal.

Listening is a gift.
A rare gift to people you love, and care about.

Don’t read your text msgs while you’re
meeting/speaking w someone else.

Your presence is a major investment,
be the best experience you can for somebody.

Listening is the beginning of an appropriate reaction.

[aside] Don’t tell someone that you’ll “be praying for them” when they go to the doctor (or where ever) “next week”.
> pray for them now.

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Should you listen to everyone?
No, of course not.

Some people don’t even need a listener, they just want to talk.

Listen to people whose pain, whose needs matter to you.

Don’t listen to a rebel.

If you down, you’re gonna go down listening to the wrong person.

If you down, you’re gonna go down because you let the wrong voice enter into your bloodstream.

Don’t listen to those without your vision, without your goal[s].
Don’t listen to those who are not excited about your life.

Don’t listen to those who have no interest investing in you.

Don’t listen to someone who insists on killing every dream you share with them.

Don’t listen to someone who doesn’t
want to talk–they’re not ready to talk.
Don’t sit there and provoke them.

Listen to others when they need compassion,
when they need an answer, when they need a
friend, when they need counsel.

You should listen when you’re at a crossroads in
your life. When there’s chaos in your life. When
you’ve made a mistake.

When God has not given you an answer, listen to a prophet.

The Bible says that when you listen to a prophet, you’ll prosper.

Listen to authority.

ex: a policeman pulls you over: shut up, and do what he asks

Listen to the questions that are asked.

Listen when someone in authority is speaking to you.

When there’s authority in the room–listen.

Only a fool ignores the voice of authority.

Listen to those who love you enough to correct you.

Listen to those who love you enough to listen to your dreams and your goals and want to hear it.

Listen to those who can find weaknesses in your argument.

Listen to those who see potential problems in your life.

Listen to those who’ve been where you want to go.

Listen to those who are proven warriors.

Listen to those who listen to God.

Listen to your critic long enough to develop caution.

A critic is a gift.

They’re only a trap when you make their voice the voice of authority and control in your life.

A critic will make you careful, sensitive to accuracy.

A critic often exposes your weakness when a friend will cover it.

The fruit of criticism is a very real, worthy fruit.

It’s something that you must learn to receive.

Listen: is there any truth to this [criticism]?
What is the real message being given to me?

Listen even to an adversary, who has a path and an agenda,
so that you know the plan of your enemy.

Listen to your spiritual father.

Listen to a man who wants you to succeed.

Listen to a man who cares–he’ll help you to avoid pain.

Listen to those who are troubled by the losses in your life.

Listen to those who are excited when
you find what pleasures & excites you.

Listen to those who are excited about
your dreams, your goals, your plans.

Listen to more than one mentor.

In the diversity/multitude of counsel there is safety.

If you go down, it’ll be because you
refused to listen to wise counsel.

Every person who has failed, simply listened to a wrong voice.
Every person who has succeed simply listened to the right voice.

Listen to people who’ve got a track record of right decisions.

Listen to people whose decisions prove their success.

Listen for the unspoken invisible message.

Jay Don George, the founding Pastor of Calvary Temple in
Irving, TX

He and his wife Gwen are really, really good people.

He’s got a saying, “A word to the wise is enough.”

Listen to those who have a word from God for you.

Listen the most when you want to listen the least, when you feel like not listening at all.
The whole universe is sparked by a word.
It’s a word that sparks the fire.
One simple word.

Your future is hidden in conversations.

Conversation is intimacy.

Every time there’s intimacy, something is birthed, something is born.

2 are better than 1.

God said that.

You’ll make your worst mistakes when you refuse to listen.

Your most painful seasons will start when you stop listening.

Learn to listen to your conscience.

God has an inside referee calling the game.

The most powerful preacher in your life is your conscience.

Your conscience will arouse discomfort, frustration.

Your conscience is a joy-killer…and it saves your life.

Your conscience creates the boundaries, and boundaries create the
“Niagara Falls” of strength for power, change.

[closing prayer]
Father, I pray that we will study the art of listening. Listening for the sound of honor, listening for the tone and sound of rebellion. Listening for pain. Listening for the sound of problems because a problems is a path, a door, for the entry into prosperity. No one enters the “Palace of Prosperity” except through the “door of a problem”. When we listen to others we listen for an “entry”, like Joseph listened to the butler and the baker. Oh Father, I pray for my spiritual sons tonight, that they would be like a Boaz. That when a woman with a reputation of integrity, and caring, and compassion enters their world, they’ll listen to that woman.

I pray for every spiritual son to become like a David: that when an Abigail enters a conversation, he will listen to a woman of wisdom.
Father, the Proverbs 31 woman was an instructor, a teacher, a mentor, a businesswoman, a caretaker. I pray that every man listening to me will identify the wife that You have brought to him. It’s a wise man that listens to a wise woman. It’s a fool who ignores a wise woman.

Thank You, Father. Thank You, Father.

Let us be like the king, who looked at Esther and heard words that pierced his heart. He knew how to listen–that’s why he was a king.

Father, develop our skills to listen to You–to listen to Your voice, to listen to You in “the secret place”. And to listen to draw and absorb the messengers You’re sending to us.

Let is listen to those who have offended us when they seek forgiveness and restoration. Let us listen to people who want restoration. Let us listen to people who strive to compensate like a Zacchaeus when he had done wrong–he said, ‘I will repay 4 times…’.

Praise God, praise God.

[end prayer]

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[prayer for those sowing into the ministry, for your seed]:
Praise God, praise God…praise God…!
Father, our seed is an attorney that defends our future. Our seed is proof of gratitude, proof of trust, and I wrap expectation around this seed. I give this seed an assignment. You gave us 14 harvests, in Isaiah the 58th Chapter.

One of those will guide us into moments where we’re not without Your instructions. I ask that everyone would wrap their seeds with expectation as they plant to help us reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that harvests from this seed will guide us in our real-estate transactions, our business transactions.

You said our “help would spring forth speedily”, and I come into agreement right now with my family, that health dominate their mind, their body. I curse every disease.

Family, lay your hand where you want God to lay His hand. We call it “point of contact” (in the words of Oral Roberts)…pain go! Pain go! Disease go! Go now! “By His stripes, we are healed…” I command order in your bone structure, in your muscles, your tendons….feet, be healed, ankles be healed! Knees be healed, lower-back, be healed. Pain go! You have no authority in [my] body. Shoulders be healed, neck be healed. Eyes, be healed. Ears, un-stop. Chest, be healed! There’s a healing river, family, there’s a healing river–move into it, move into it!

Just say, I receive the healing…I receive the healing…!

Say it–say it!

Faith is voice-activated.

You can’t hope your way into a miracle, you’ve gotta talk your way into a miracle.

Talk your way into a miracle,

I receive healing in my bloodstream.
I receive healing in my heart.
I receive healing in my chest.
Colon, be healed. Stomach, be healed!

I receive, I receive, I receive…!

In Jesus’s Name…for the glory of God.

So be it.

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