If You Were My Son…Give Your Best In Conversation

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9pm CST 05-13-13

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If You Were My Son…Don’t Leave God Out Of Your Day

We’re receivers of our difference.
We’re receivers of Your assignment for our lives.
We’re receivers of Divine direction, correction, and Your protection.
We’re receivers, teach us how, in Jesus’s Name.

Dr. Murdock just returned from his
trip this past weekend to Michigan
>> Detroit, and T.L. Lowry’s church,
and then to Flint, MI

– God gave him a lot of pictures in his mind

– Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference
Prov 2:6, 12 & 16
– If you can discern who’s right and who’s wrong, you cannot fail
– Every failure in your life is through wrong discerning
– Remember the young man on Prov 7, he was not discerning

So we know that wisdom is the ability to recognize difference

The difference in people, companies, children, jobs, assignments, giftings, opportunity, investments, between increase and loss, between appropriate and inappropriate….

Enter every conversation as a listener, as a learner.

You have to find the “gold” in some people.
The gold is not only hidden, lying dormant, but
there’s no intent by them to mine the gold and
bring it up for you.

People rarely give you their best in conversations.

They provide what they feel like is enough for the moment.

Very few people enter into a conversation
to help you solve a problem.

There’s no effort on their part to make the conversation effective.

So it’s your responsibility to bring it about.

Look for difference in every conversation.

Look for that Divine difference.

If you don’t see it, thrust your difference into it.

So, it’s very important to look for difference in conversation:

What do they know that you don’t?

What do you want to know?

What are they trying to hide from you?

What are they ready to receive from you?

What are their expectations from you?

The changes, blessings, and connections with people
will come through, and come out of a conversation.

If somebody of significance to your future ever calls you on the
phone it will be because of conversation.

Your conversation will reveal your character, your intelligence, your IQ, your immaturity, and most assuredly will verify your focus, your interest, your passion, or your lack of it.

You can’t hardly hide your heart in a conversation.

This why the only thing God does is talk.

He gave us a mouth to govern our world, to govern our turf.

If You Were My Son


In conversation:

Abandon yourself to that conversation.

When you enter conversation it should be purposeful.

You could make a deposit, or you can make a withdrawal.

That person may not know what you want or need, or even care.

But try to determine quickly the parameters, the boundaries of that conversation.

The person who asks questions controls the conversation, and controls the direction of the conversation.

And remember, direction in conversation is important.

Without direction:
– you’ll waste the investment of your presence
– you’ll lose energy
– you’ll lose the most important seed of time

– You don’t want to lose the seed of time that you could have invested somewhere else.

Remember the importance of seeing yourself as an investor, where God has given you something to invest–to invest in a day, to invest in a person, to invest in a career, to invest in a topic–you are an investor.

Whether you invest nothing or something.

The difference between poverty and prosperity is recognizing what God has given you to invest, and investing it into the right soil.

Back to conversation:

When you introduce yourself to someone, remember that you’re comfortable with your name and they’re not.

So make sure you introduce your name slowly, clearly, and loudly.

This might be the only time I ever meet with someone, so make it count.

They’ve probably had 5-6 bad experiences that day prior to meeting you.

Focus on being a good encounter for them.

Don’t try to be memorable.

Be passionate about being a “good moment” for someone.

Listen for the sound of pain, everybody hurts somewhere.

Mind management is at the core of happiness.

Choose which thought masters you.

The rarest human on earth is not a genius, a musician, or a celebrity,
but the rarest person on earth is a caring person.

My reaction to another human effects God’s feelings towards me.

Of course God loves you, but does he enjoy you?

You know where you are on an emotional maturity level–
and in your Christian walk–according to your view:

You’re a child when you want everyone else to love you,
and you’re an adult when you want to love everyone else.

The desire to contribute, to sow.

If someone’s hurting around me, I can
receive the opportunity to help them.

Most people’s painful areas aren’t spoken of.

Don’t force people to share their pain, don’t dig into them.

Allow them to offer.

Listen to the sound of pain.

Listen to their desire, their dreams, their goals.

Fulfill desires for others.

The spoken desire is the instruction.

The only cure for pain is new pleasure.

Listen for desires.

Listen for conflicts.

Listen for the tone of struggles.

Listen for the sound of stress.

Listen for the sound of honor.

If a person believes in you, wants to
hear your counsel, you can help them.

Don’t give counsel if they don’t want to hear it.
That will actually hurt the relationship.

Give your very best in relationships.

Give your very best at the beginning: your integrity, your words, your time, your energy.

And then their reaction to your best decides if you invest more or invest less.

Become a channel for God’s river to flow through.

Discern expectations of others in the relationship.

There are some that want, expect more than you can give.

Every person has a different type of relationship.

Determine that difference.

Recognize their expectations and determine your expectations of them.

Sow much mor than you receive.

Whoever has decided to bless you by giving you an environment to work in, is extremely vital to your success.

They are one among millions…billions, who decide to invest in you.

Honor and please your boss.

That person is very, very important in your life.