If You Were My Daughter, Part 3

Thu 05-23-13
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If You Were My Daughter, Part 3

#1) Who Are You Willing To Learn From?

We can’t learn from someone we resent….

Who do I admire?

Who inspires me?

Who knows and values your authenticity–your difference?

Don’t waste your energy searching when someone close to you knows the answer.

Don’t be stupid.

There’s no one weaker than a non-reacher.

The more conversations you have, the more you’ll learn.

Inventory your present property.

What are 5 other options that’ll cost you nothing at all.

The purpose of waiting is to gather information.

Mentorship is learning from someone else’s pain.

Mentorship is learning without the wait.

When you ask enough questions you attract the right answers.

Pain is the proof of the wrong questions.

Pain is the proof of disorder.

Who are 10 people who can learn from?

What questions should I be asking them?

What qualities in your father do you admire?

What qualities do you wish your husband would have?

A man’s goals reveal what he values.

Where has your father failed?
Where has he succeeded?

What are you learning from your mother?

What is her advice that I’ve ignored?

In the Book of Proverbs, it deals a lot with listening.

The last words Jesus spoke, “Hear what the Spirit is saying…”

Listen to where your parents had failures.

What do they wish they’d done differently?

What do they wish they’d done differently with money?

There’s no persuasion like experience.

A day without regret is a day you’ve made no discoveries.

Every day you should feel stupid about something, because that is where you learned.

The greater your discovery, the deeper your pain.

Who are you not learning from that you should be learning from?

Don’t try to learn everything from one person.

The electric company doesn’t furnish me water.
The water company doesn’t furnish me a car.

Ask someone / your parents to tell you what mistakes do you think I’m making?

What topic do you want to master?

#2) Do You Really Believe in the Word of God?

Have you really settled the Bible in your heart?

Do you really believe Jesus is the Son of God?

Until you’re persuaded about the power,
and the presence of God, to make your life right–
everything that you’re battling can destroy you.

You must settle that–you’ve got to settle that.

Embrace the God of your parents until something greater affects you.

#3) The Ability To Say No

Men will desire you for different reasons, and when it’s all said and done:
If somebody is pursuing you, they want something.

They want a reaction, a result, a good thought, your wisdom, your favor.

Reaching is the seed for relationship, knowledge, change.

Why is this person calling me?

Even God, He wants something.

He wants me to choose His path , He wants to be chosen.

When a man pursues you, he wants something.

He may want admiration.

He may want confirmation of what he’s thinking.

Don’t let anybody kid you–you can’t “have it all”.

If God Himself cannot “have it all”, do you think you can?
No. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can “have it all”.

So you choose what brings you joy, pleasure.

Choose some small pleasures.

If you can’t buy a new house, go buy an ice cream cone.

And then make them routine–every day.

Make small pleasures your life, every day.

If you can’t get the new car, go spend $10 on a book.

[repeat this prayer]
Holy Spirit, I am a searcher for uncommon wisdom. Holy Spirit, I am Your protege. Reveal mentorship opportunities to me. I will not reject wisdom. I embrace wisdom.

Father, give me understanding of unspoken agendas. When people are pursuing me, help me to discern what they want from me. Heal my mind. Heal my memories. And do business through me on the earth.

In the matchless name of Jesus.

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If You Were My Son…Give Your Best In Conversation

from Monday evening
9pm CST 05-13-13

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Tuesday 05-14-13, click here:

If You Were My Son…Don’t Leave God Out Of Your Day

We’re receivers of our difference.
We’re receivers of Your assignment for our lives.
We’re receivers of Divine direction, correction, and Your protection.
We’re receivers, teach us how, in Jesus’s Name.

Dr. Murdock just returned from his
trip this past weekend to Michigan
>> Detroit, and T.L. Lowry’s church,
and then to Flint, MI

– God gave him a lot of pictures in his mind

– Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference
Prov 2:6, 12 & 16
– If you can discern who’s right and who’s wrong, you cannot fail
– Every failure in your life is through wrong discerning
– Remember the young man on Prov 7, he was not discerning

So we know that wisdom is the ability to recognize difference

The difference in people, companies, children, jobs, assignments, giftings, opportunity, investments, between increase and loss, between appropriate and inappropriate….

Enter every conversation as a listener, as a learner.

You have to find the “gold” in some people.
The gold is not only hidden, lying dormant, but
there’s no intent by them to mine the gold and
bring it up for you.

People rarely give you their best in conversations.

They provide what they feel like is enough for the moment.

Very few people enter into a conversation
to help you solve a problem.

There’s no effort on their part to make the conversation effective.

So it’s your responsibility to bring it about.

Look for difference in every conversation.

Look for that Divine difference.

If you don’t see it, thrust your difference into it.

So, it’s very important to look for difference in conversation:

What do they know that you don’t?

What do you want to know?

What are they trying to hide from you?

What are they ready to receive from you?

What are their expectations from you?

The changes, blessings, and connections with people
will come through, and come out of a conversation.

If somebody of significance to your future ever calls you on the
phone it will be because of conversation.

Your conversation will reveal your character, your intelligence, your IQ, your immaturity, and most assuredly will verify your focus, your interest, your passion, or your lack of it.

You can’t hardly hide your heart in a conversation.

This why the only thing God does is talk.

He gave us a mouth to govern our world, to govern our turf.

If You Were My Son


In conversation:

Abandon yourself to that conversation.

When you enter conversation it should be purposeful.

You could make a deposit, or you can make a withdrawal.

That person may not know what you want or need, or even care.

But try to determine quickly the parameters, the boundaries of that conversation.

The person who asks questions controls the conversation, and controls the direction of the conversation.

And remember, direction in conversation is important.

Without direction:
– you’ll waste the investment of your presence
– you’ll lose energy
– you’ll lose the most important seed of time

– You don’t want to lose the seed of time that you could have invested somewhere else.

Remember the importance of seeing yourself as an investor, where God has given you something to invest–to invest in a day, to invest in a person, to invest in a career, to invest in a topic–you are an investor.

Whether you invest nothing or something.

The difference between poverty and prosperity is recognizing what God has given you to invest, and investing it into the right soil.

Back to conversation:

When you introduce yourself to someone, remember that you’re comfortable with your name and they’re not.

So make sure you introduce your name slowly, clearly, and loudly.

This might be the only time I ever meet with someone, so make it count.

They’ve probably had 5-6 bad experiences that day prior to meeting you.

Focus on being a good encounter for them.

Don’t try to be memorable.

Be passionate about being a “good moment” for someone.

Listen for the sound of pain, everybody hurts somewhere.

Mind management is at the core of happiness.

Choose which thought masters you.

The rarest human on earth is not a genius, a musician, or a celebrity,
but the rarest person on earth is a caring person.

My reaction to another human effects God’s feelings towards me.

Of course God loves you, but does he enjoy you?

You know where you are on an emotional maturity level–
and in your Christian walk–according to your view:

You’re a child when you want everyone else to love you,
and you’re an adult when you want to love everyone else.

The desire to contribute, to sow.

If someone’s hurting around me, I can
receive the opportunity to help them.

Most people’s painful areas aren’t spoken of.

Don’t force people to share their pain, don’t dig into them.

Allow them to offer.

Listen to the sound of pain.

Listen to their desire, their dreams, their goals.

Fulfill desires for others.

The spoken desire is the instruction.

The only cure for pain is new pleasure.

Listen for desires.

Listen for conflicts.

Listen for the tone of struggles.

Listen for the sound of stress.

Listen for the sound of honor.

If a person believes in you, wants to
hear your counsel, you can help them.

Don’t give counsel if they don’t want to hear it.
That will actually hurt the relationship.

Give your very best in relationships.

Give your very best at the beginning: your integrity, your words, your time, your energy.

And then their reaction to your best decides if you invest more or invest less.

Become a channel for God’s river to flow through.

Discern expectations of others in the relationship.

There are some that want, expect more than you can give.

Every person has a different type of relationship.

Determine that difference.

Recognize their expectations and determine your expectations of them.

Sow much mor than you receive.

Whoever has decided to bless you by giving you an environment to work in, is extremely vital to your success.

They are one among millions…billions, who decide to invest in you.

Honor and please your boss.

That person is very, very important in your life.

If You Were My Son…Learn to Listen

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Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference.
Honor is the ability to reward difference.

Our success depends on our decisions.

Take small steps.
Pursue wise counsel.

Our biggest problem is listening.

All success begins with listening.

Dima Shakarian, a very wealthy businessman, who started
Full Gospel Businessmen International.

Richard, his son, was talking to Dr. Murdock, and he said,
“Daddy said never talk to someone until they’re ready to listen.”

Focus on the excellence of the moment.

Listen 100% to whoever is speaking to you.

Would you serve a God who didn’t listen to you?

Would you consider someone a friend who doesn’t listen to you?

In Rev, Jesus’s last words:
“Hear what the Spirit has to say to the Church.”

Listening is proof of honor.

There is no greater inspiration than a sincere listener.

Look at every face–find the face that invites you.

Remember Acts 8, when Philip spoke to the Ethiopian eunuch…?

And the treasurer for Candace, the
Queen of Ethiopia said,

God loves words so much
He called Himself the Word.

God governs the entire universe with His mouth.

One of the Top 6 topics in Proverbs:
Wealth, Work, Women, Wine, Wisdom, and
> Words

Proverbs Chs 2, 3, 4: “Son, hear what your father is saying…”

When someone speaks, you will hear tone
that shows attitude.

You will hear information that shows pain.

You will hear passion when someone speaks.

Conversation contains treasures.

Often, one conversation is enough to interpret the potential
of the relationship.

In every conversation there’s a listener and a talker.

Listening is the seed for knowledge.

And knowledge controls the changes that you can
create in your life.

Pain doesn’t create a change.

Pain creates a desire for a change.

Knowledge decides the change.

Listening is a learned art.

Silence is not proof that you’re listening.

Many people who are silent are thinking.

Thinking of their ideas, thinking of other people, thinking
of ways that they can stop the conversation with grace.

How they can ease away with poise….

Listening decides the longevity of relationships.

When only one person is willing to listen, the relationship will die.

A non-listener is a sad experience–someone unwilling to listen to your
pain, your thoughts.

There’s some marvelous advantages in listening.

#1) Others know more about something than you do
– and you will not find it out until you’re willing to hear

In conversation, you rarely get “the gold” in the introduction.
You will not find the secrets of the novel hidden in chapter 1.

You have to listen long enough for someone to express the core of their heart.

Listen to your boss close enough to learn how to please them.

Few men speak without expressing their desires.

Almost every person will express hidden, unseen desires.

We often think that silent people are not passionate people.
But usually they’re the most passionate.

The internal, invisible volcano of desire lies dormant
unreleased inside because no one cares enough to receive…

Listening is receiving.

Receiving the pain, advice, counsel, joy, their commentary about life, what’s important to them, what matters to them.

The Bible is a book about receiving.

The first thing God gave to Adam was an environment.
Then God wanted Adam to receive a zoo.
Then God wanted Adam to receive a wife.
It’s fascinating that God gave Adam something He had never even enjoyed before.

Listening is receiving.

Listening is not mere silence.

Listening is a reward system for
someone who’s heart burns for companionship.

Listening is a seed into another person’s life.

Listening is also a harvest to whoever’s speaking.

You’re their harvest, when you listen to what they’re going through.

Can anything more joyous happen than to find a harvest?

Are you a skilled listener?
Are you a reluctant listener?

Are you a contentious listener?
Do you play “devil’s advocate” all the time?

Do you listen to learn?
Do you listen to know?
Do you listen to discern?

Do you listen to find out how to pleasure someone?

If you’re not going to be a pleasurable experience, be no experience.

Do you listen, anxious for a place to cut in?
– Anxious for a place that they’ll stop…?

Until you master listening you’ll never master life.

Listening can increase your own skills.

When you listen to a presentation, you’ll think, “I can do that better.
I want to do that, but differently…”

Eliminate words that cut, sever, and slash.
Instead use words that mend, that heal.

Listening is a gift.
A rare gift to people you love, and care about.

Don’t read your text msgs while you’re
meeting/speaking w someone else.

Your presence is a major investment,
be the best experience you can for somebody.

Listening is the beginning of an appropriate reaction.

[aside] Don’t tell someone that you’ll “be praying for them” when they go to the doctor (or where ever) “next week”.
> pray for them now.

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Should you listen to everyone?
No, of course not.

Some people don’t even need a listener, they just want to talk.

Listen to people whose pain, whose needs matter to you.

Don’t listen to a rebel.

If you down, you’re gonna go down listening to the wrong person.

If you down, you’re gonna go down because you let the wrong voice enter into your bloodstream.

Don’t listen to those without your vision, without your goal[s].
Don’t listen to those who are not excited about your life.

Don’t listen to those who have no interest investing in you.

Don’t listen to someone who insists on killing every dream you share with them.

Don’t listen to someone who doesn’t
want to talk–they’re not ready to talk.
Don’t sit there and provoke them.

Listen to others when they need compassion,
when they need an answer, when they need a
friend, when they need counsel.

You should listen when you’re at a crossroads in
your life. When there’s chaos in your life. When
you’ve made a mistake.

When God has not given you an answer, listen to a prophet.

The Bible says that when you listen to a prophet, you’ll prosper.

Listen to authority.

ex: a policeman pulls you over: shut up, and do what he asks

Listen to the questions that are asked.

Listen when someone in authority is speaking to you.

When there’s authority in the room–listen.

Only a fool ignores the voice of authority.

Listen to those who love you enough to correct you.

Listen to those who love you enough to listen to your dreams and your goals and want to hear it.

Listen to those who can find weaknesses in your argument.

Listen to those who see potential problems in your life.

Listen to those who’ve been where you want to go.

Listen to those who are proven warriors.

Listen to those who listen to God.

Listen to your critic long enough to develop caution.

A critic is a gift.

They’re only a trap when you make their voice the voice of authority and control in your life.

A critic will make you careful, sensitive to accuracy.

A critic often exposes your weakness when a friend will cover it.

The fruit of criticism is a very real, worthy fruit.

It’s something that you must learn to receive.

Listen: is there any truth to this [criticism]?
What is the real message being given to me?

Listen even to an adversary, who has a path and an agenda,
so that you know the plan of your enemy.

Listen to your spiritual father.

Listen to a man who wants you to succeed.

Listen to a man who cares–he’ll help you to avoid pain.

Listen to those who are troubled by the losses in your life.

Listen to those who are excited when
you find what pleasures & excites you.

Listen to those who are excited about
your dreams, your goals, your plans.

Listen to more than one mentor.

In the diversity/multitude of counsel there is safety.

If you go down, it’ll be because you
refused to listen to wise counsel.

Every person who has failed, simply listened to a wrong voice.
Every person who has succeed simply listened to the right voice.

Listen to people who’ve got a track record of right decisions.

Listen to people whose decisions prove their success.

Listen for the unspoken invisible message.

Jay Don George, the founding Pastor of Calvary Temple in
Irving, TX

He and his wife Gwen are really, really good people.

He’s got a saying, “A word to the wise is enough.”

Listen to those who have a word from God for you.

Listen the most when you want to listen the least, when you feel like not listening at all.
The whole universe is sparked by a word.
It’s a word that sparks the fire.
One simple word.

Your future is hidden in conversations.

Conversation is intimacy.

Every time there’s intimacy, something is birthed, something is born.

2 are better than 1.

God said that.

You’ll make your worst mistakes when you refuse to listen.

Your most painful seasons will start when you stop listening.

Learn to listen to your conscience.

God has an inside referee calling the game.

The most powerful preacher in your life is your conscience.

Your conscience will arouse discomfort, frustration.

Your conscience is a joy-killer…and it saves your life.

Your conscience creates the boundaries, and boundaries create the
“Niagara Falls” of strength for power, change.

[closing prayer]
Father, I pray that we will study the art of listening. Listening for the sound of honor, listening for the tone and sound of rebellion. Listening for pain. Listening for the sound of problems because a problems is a path, a door, for the entry into prosperity. No one enters the “Palace of Prosperity” except through the “door of a problem”. When we listen to others we listen for an “entry”, like Joseph listened to the butler and the baker. Oh Father, I pray for my spiritual sons tonight, that they would be like a Boaz. That when a woman with a reputation of integrity, and caring, and compassion enters their world, they’ll listen to that woman.

I pray for every spiritual son to become like a David: that when an Abigail enters a conversation, he will listen to a woman of wisdom.
Father, the Proverbs 31 woman was an instructor, a teacher, a mentor, a businesswoman, a caretaker. I pray that every man listening to me will identify the wife that You have brought to him. It’s a wise man that listens to a wise woman. It’s a fool who ignores a wise woman.

Thank You, Father. Thank You, Father.

Let us be like the king, who looked at Esther and heard words that pierced his heart. He knew how to listen–that’s why he was a king.

Father, develop our skills to listen to You–to listen to Your voice, to listen to You in “the secret place”. And to listen to draw and absorb the messengers You’re sending to us.

Let is listen to those who have offended us when they seek forgiveness and restoration. Let us listen to people who want restoration. Let us listen to people who strive to compensate like a Zacchaeus when he had done wrong–he said, ‘I will repay 4 times…’.

Praise God, praise God.

[end prayer]

– Dr. Murdock flies out Friday to have a meeting with T.L. Lowry.
– and then on to Flint, Michigan at the great Baptist church there.

To sow into the Dr. Murdock’s ministry, call:


[prayer for those sowing into the ministry, for your seed]:
Praise God, praise God…praise God…!
Father, our seed is an attorney that defends our future. Our seed is proof of gratitude, proof of trust, and I wrap expectation around this seed. I give this seed an assignment. You gave us 14 harvests, in Isaiah the 58th Chapter.

One of those will guide us into moments where we’re not without Your instructions. I ask that everyone would wrap their seeds with expectation as they plant to help us reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that harvests from this seed will guide us in our real-estate transactions, our business transactions.

You said our “help would spring forth speedily”, and I come into agreement right now with my family, that health dominate their mind, their body. I curse every disease.

Family, lay your hand where you want God to lay His hand. We call it “point of contact” (in the words of Oral Roberts)…pain go! Pain go! Disease go! Go now! “By His stripes, we are healed…” I command order in your bone structure, in your muscles, your tendons….feet, be healed, ankles be healed! Knees be healed, lower-back, be healed. Pain go! You have no authority in [my] body. Shoulders be healed, neck be healed. Eyes, be healed. Ears, un-stop. Chest, be healed! There’s a healing river, family, there’s a healing river–move into it, move into it!

Just say, I receive the healing…I receive the healing…!

Say it–say it!

Faith is voice-activated.

You can’t hope your way into a miracle, you’ve gotta talk your way into a miracle.

Talk your way into a miracle,

I receive healing in my bloodstream.
I receive healing in my heart.
I receive healing in my chest.
Colon, be healed. Stomach, be healed!

I receive, I receive, I receive…!

In Jesus’s Name…for the glory of God.

So be it.

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If You Were My Son…Don’t Leave God Out Of Your Day

Tues 05-07-13
[also re-aired Tues 05-14-13]
Church By Phone

“If You Were My Son”

– What a joy to be with you today.

– God will leave no man unrewarded.

Dr. Murdock has received many messages
over the years from people saying that he’s
been like a father to them.


Bishop Matthew Ashimolowo introduced
several Pastors to Dr. Murdock and said,
“Do you realize that you’re like a father to them?”

>> see Prayer City in England

The first weekend of September, 2013 Dr. Murdock
will be speaking at the opening of Prayer City.

Dr. Murdock had asked the Lord to raise up sons and daughters from the ministry

Where will I invest next?

Has my investment of time,
energy, and money paid off?

– Dr. Murdock spoke about this
last Sunday, in teaching on
“The 10 Most Important Words
To A Millionaire”, and one of the
10 most important was “investment“.

We’re walking currency.

Our time, energies, discoveries, knowledge, and information is investment.


If You Were My Son…

The Bible is full of information about fathers and sons.

Abraham grew weary of waiting for
Isaac, his son of promise.

Sarah & Abraham doubted
whether or not Sarah could conceive
and so she thought perhaps her
concubine would be who God used
to bring about the child.

And with Hagar, he had his
“son of doubt”, his “son of
unbelief”, Ishmael.

We see Abraham’s affection for his
son Isaac, after God does grant him
and Sarah a son.

And then, whether we understand it
or not, we can read where God asks
Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

It doesn’t matter if we understand why God asks Abraham to do this, but He does.

The proof of the Bible [isn’t in our understanding
of it, but it] is in the change it creates in us.

When Paul wrote to Timothy, Titus,
Philemon–he was continually
referencing from the perspective of
a father to his sons.

We see this with David, who never
had the affection for Solomon that he
had for Absalom–and the Bible doesn’t
explicitly say why that is.

Throughout the Bible we see
the father-son relationship.

Jesus even goes so far to say, “My Father and I are one.”

Dr. Murdock:

“If you were my son, this is
the counsel I would give you…”

#1 – Never, ever leave God out of the equation.

> Don’t leave God out of your day, out of your life, [not even] for a moment.
> you can fail in a second
> be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s dealing with you
> it’s in His presence that your conscience will develop
> And it’s only in His presence that you will develop the power to overcome the adversarial environment of the earth
> you were born into an evil, deceptive, destructive world
> And it’s incredibly important that the wrong voices be exposed to you
> The only way to avoid the trap of the wrong voices is to develop an attentiveness to the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life.
> You will go through, son, a lot of doubts about Christianity.
> You will ponder the ways of the Hindus, the Buddhists, the naturalist, the humanist.
> You will see many contradictions in Christianity, and wonder, ‘If God is really in this person how can the act this way?’.
> You will see the weaknesses of strong people.

> The only thing that will stabilize your emotions is time alone with God–the One Who created you.

The proof of God is in the change of human nature:
– Drug addicts, alcoholics, have been set free in a moment

The miracles of God alone are enough to trust Him, to reach for Him:
– Healings, miraculous events
– not that satan doesn’t have an alternative, he certainly does
– we saw this when Moses went into the courts of Pharaoh in Egypt
– Jannes & Jambres threw their rods on the floor, and their rods became snakes also…
– the difference is, Moses’s snake swallowed up their snakes

Now, you will not understand many, many things.
But work, son, with what you do understand.

You understand your conscience:
when you do right you feel good,
when you do wrong, you feel depressed.

When you do the right thing, you feel empowered, strong.
When you do something wrong, you feel weak.

Don’t leave God out of your day, don’t leave God out of your life.

Don’t leave God out of your money, don’t leave God out of your decisions.

Every decision is going to bring increase or decrease.
Your decisions are going to bring joy or sorrow.
Your decisions are going to bring good things
in the future, or good things in the present.
Every decision has a future.

If you choose a woman, her voice will dominate your mind.

And the quality of the woman that you choose
will make all of the difference in your future.

You’ll want to make decisions in the presence of God.

Don’t leave God out of your equation.

It’s going to be really important, son, to treasure the favor of God.

I urge you to place great value on God enjoying you.

If God enjoys you, there’s nothing He won’t do for you.

I’m not talking about God loving you.

When I read in the Bible that He loved everybody, I didn’t feel quite so special.

But the Holy Spirit revealed to me the great difference
between who He loves and who He enjoys.

His love is an opportunity for us.

His joy becomes an opportunity for Him, authorizing Him to bless you.

You don’t have to do anything to get loved,
but you do have to do something to get blessed by God.

It’s not hard to believe in a God.

A book is the proof of an author.

A song is the proof of a composer.

A product is the proof of a creator.

Creation is proof that somebody birthed you into existence.

Whether you see Him or not, doesn’t matter.

Have you ever seen a thought?

Held a dream in your hand?

Have you ever packaged an emotion and handed it to someone?

Jesus was God in the flesh.

Don’t leave God out.

If you decide to leave God out of your life, there’s nobody who can rescue you.

>> see Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

Paul said, “…knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men…”

We persuade men to change, to repent.

We form opinions, judgements in our early childhood.

God has precise expectations of us.

Every relationship depends on the integrity, the honesty of both people.

God made it very clear that if we want success,
we’d follow the path of obedience.
But if we want failure, we can follow
the path of rebellion.

Start with achievable goals.

Set aside a secret place, a prayer room,
but name it. God is very into names.

Establish a routine.

Places matter.

Always enter singing.

The Holy Spirit loves singing.

Sing a new song.

Ps 100:1-3 – Come into His presence singing with thanksgiving.

Keep a prayer book.

Put pictures of the people that you’re praying for in there.

Write down words that the Holy Spirit gives to you.
He may give you words, He may give you a phrase.

Remember the 4-month period where Dr. Murdock spent 9am-1pm praying every day and gave him the 3 words, “Decisions decide wealth.” He never left his house, never received an offering. The Holy Spirit also gave Dr. Murdock 107 decisions to make. They were profound.

When God talks, doubt leaves.

One of the great rewards of entering God’s
presence is that He knows the value of time.

Where ever you invest your time
the most reveals what you love the most.

Time reveals the heart of a man.

When you come into the presence of God, in your secret place:
– keep a large-print, easy-to-read Bible open
– remove all obstacles to God
– don’t make reaching for God any harder
than our rebellious nature already makes it

Set a goal for praying 7-10 minutes.

Don’t try to make it “unforgettable”, just start it.

It’s ok to sleep in God’s presence.
In fact, there’s no better place to sleep.

You don’t have to think of something profound to say.
God is the most comfortable person to be around–
if you accept what He says about Himself in His Word.

Be authentic in God’s presence, be real.

If you’re upset, be upset. If you’re feeling good, let Him know.

Don’t try to be a salesman, or a lawyer, in His presence.

Discuss your feelings, discuss your fears, doubts, and ask questions.

The most powerful thing you’ll ever do is ask questions.

If you were my son…

I would say that getting the Bible, the Word, in your heart is important.

The Word is really seed. It grows.

It grows sensitivity to evil, to righteousness.

The most important benefit of Divine talk with
God–through His Word–is that His words grow
a desire to be right, to look right, to talk right.

When you leave your room of prayer, that world out there
is very anti-righteous–it’s a slick world…

I’m not going to tell you that nothing bad will happen to you…

The very first righteous man that the Bible talks about:
Abel was killed…

Bad things happen to righteous people

Find the right heroes:
– men who live right
– good men
– righteous men, not perfect men
– missionaries
– men who sought to please God

>> see the book by Elizabeth Elliot “Through Gates of Splendor”
>> see William Carey

Dr. Murdock’s mother bought him books about righteous men,
men to admire. People of God to look up to.

Be real careful about who you want to impress.

There’s evil men who have superb, genius minds, clever talking, even “fun”.

Not every evil man looks slick, evil, or coarse.

Not every evil man is an electric orator like Adolf Hitler,
who convinced an entire nation to kill 6 Million Jews.
To eradicate God’s people who Hitler called an “inferior

Choose men who believe and live according to the Bible.
Men with effort towards God, to model your life after.

You can alter your life quickly through decisions.

Change your focus, change your routine, change your goals.

Set your goals, with pictures, on walls
in front of you–to make you want to rise.

Get pictures of your goals and put them up on your walls.

[Remember Dr.Murdock telling us that our walls should
have pictures of our future, rather than pictures of our past…]

Treasure God’s favor.

Do you think we should trivialize the God of this universe’s favor towards me?

Should be minimize His goodness towards us?

Never treat God like He’s a 12 year-old who’s
never seen the world, or a 4 year-old tantrum-thrower.

Never think you can deceive Him.

He requires the holy tithe:
10% of *everything* that comes into your hand.
Everything–that’s birthday money too–He requires
the 10% that’s His.

God is worthy of absolute surrender.

If God took His hedge off of us, it wouldn’t be worth
living 10 seconds in this world.

Read Psalms 91 over and over again.

Read where He describes His
reward system, verses 3-15,
“Surely He shall…” until the end.

Psalms 91 (NKJV)
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day, Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, And see the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone. You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation.”


Father, I pray for every man listening–who is
listening with the ears of son. I ask that you
let these words burn like a fire. I ask You
that radical decisions be birthed out of
these moments to please You.

Father, I stand against every error,
every seed of falsehood that was
planted in our minds about You be
eradicated, ripped out, torn out.
And that truth be placed on the
throne of our minds, and our hearts.

Father, we want to grow way past the “judgement”.
We want to get to the love levels, the peace levels
where we feel comfortable with You. And that
comes with our integrity towards You. You never
expected us to be perfect. You expected us to
mature and grow. You expected us to reach.

You’re not an unreasonable God. You’re not
an illogical God. We will never accept that
from a single human’s lips. Never. Never.

You’re a God of profound mercy, profound
understanding. You’re a God that’s impossible
to deceive and You will not lie to us. Awaken in
us a new passion for You…. Just like our elder
Brother. Lord, we don’t understand all of these
pictures in the Bible, where Jesus is both God
and He’s our elder Brother–we don’t
understand that, Father. We don’t understand that,
but we reach, we grow. We’re listeners, and we’ll ask
You questions and You’ll teach us. You will teach us.
You will teach us. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Father, I pray that You make us masters as receivers.
Masters at receiving. Receiving our own difference,
our own authenticity. Receiving Your assignment for
our life. Receiving the difference in others. We receive
Your mercy with gratitude. We receive the opportunities–
golden opportunities–we receive golden opportunities
that You present in front of us. Lord, I ask You to
make us skilled at receiving correction.

Oh Father…Oh, Father! The rewards of receiving
correction are beyond our comprehension. Beyond
our understanding. Lord, I know that one of the
greatest difficulties in my life was receiving correction.
I ask You for every man listening to me right now.
Every man…oh, let him rise above that. Let him
exercise profound humility to receive quality
correction–not just criticism–and embrace it…!

For Your glory. Amen.

Praise God.

Praise God.

God is doing something profound right now.

God’s going to heal all the wounds your father left in you.

Your father was a human.

And until you accept the humanity in others,
you’re going to hate life, you’re going to hate people.

God’s got ways of keeping people connected to Him.

God’s not going to let anybody become more important than Him.

God’s not about to give you a wife who substitutes for Him.

God’s not about to give you a friend that’ll substitute for Him.

And none of God’s gifts will replace Him.

None of His gifts will come close to Him.

The gifts can’t replace the Giver.

Just like a factory.

Can’t you imagine how the factory is far
more powerful than the product that it produces?

So is the Creator.

This has been the first sharing on

If You Were My Son

It’s been we very full day.

An informative day.

Dr. Murdock says that he’s learning
faster than he’s ever learned in his lifetime.

Any seed that you plant in this ministry is important.

To plant the most generous seed that you can imagine, call:


Dr. Murdock is planning on putting together
a library for his spiritual sons in the The Lord.

He’s going to talk to us about financial secrets.

Things that we should know or do.

He’s going to talk to us about organizing our life, our world.

He’s going to talk to us about reading.

Knowing how to manage time.

Dr. Murdock really believes that money is
more important than anyone has told us.

And our time is the first thing
that we need to learn how to manage.

You need to manage your time before
you learn to manage your money.

So he’s going to talk to us about
that just as if we were his son.

Every father wants a bank account for his son.

Every father wants to impart, deposit into his son.

It’s the son who can receive–he’s the rare son.

Big difference between Absolom and Solomon.

Big difference between John the Beloved and Judas.

There’s not a doubt in Dr. Murdock’s mind
that he can radically affect our lives for success.

And any ladies that are listening to Church By Phone,
stay with us because you’re going to learn how to
mentor your son. It’s worthy.

The phone number to sow into Dr. Mike Murdock’s ministry is


There’s been 8 levels of sowing seed that
Dr. Murdock has seen radical blessings flow out of.

However, the most radical seed-sowing level
is the 9th level, that he’s spoken very little about.

If you want to experience the most wonderful waves of knowledge,
join Dr. Murdock in planting a $112 seed every Sunday.

If you’re unable to do that right now,
sow once a month, on the first Sunday
of every month.

Just sow with Psalms 112 in mind.

There’s no limit to obedience.

God will honor you where you meet Him.

He’ll honor you where you meet Him.

Father, thank You for our family.

[and Dr. Murdock added]:

“Father, if what I’m saying about
sowing and reaping is just for Mike
Murdock, and just for my personal
gain, then let there be a curse on my
ministry. May my tongue cleave to
the roof of my mouth…”


Asking Questions About Your Assignment, And Inviting in God’s Renovation & Innovation In Your Life

Live from Lagos, Nigeria 3am local time
The Weekend, May 3rd-5th, 2013

To receive Dr. Murdock’s text msgs,
text the word wisdom to

Bishop Matthew was speaking with Dr. Murdock recently,
and Dr. Murdock’s known him from
>> Church in Great Britain
>> Gathering of Champions
Some of the speakers
Jesse Duplantis
TD Jakes

Bill Winston

Dr. Murdock has gone every year for the past 13 years.

Nations have different character.

Poland was just intense listeners…

Pastor Matthew told Dr. Murdock,
If you chose to do so, you [Dr. Murdock] could
speak every week in Nigeria, in the greatest, largest
churches in the world.

Dr. Murdock’s considered it for Brazil, perhaps
preaching there for 2 years…

And he has thought, What if I gave myself–
what if I focused one solid year in Nigeria,
and believed God for 3,000 new preachers
called to preach…?

Nigeria is the #1 place for showing honor.
Nigerians know more about the heart of
Christ, and the Christian life than (almost)
any other people in the world. They just
love God. They love each other, they love

No other place compares.

They love the Presence of God, and they
love his preachers.

Even the waiters providing room-service
are thankful that you’re there.

Dr. Murdock was talking with Bishop
Basel Tryon in Durban, South Africa.


When you’re people become overly-familiar
with you, they move into an “equalize” posture.

You’re no longer their leader, you’re no longer
their spiritual father.

They feel *equal* with you.

There is no authority.

No breathing out of the anointing down on the protege.

And that’s when your influence is neutralized.

You cannot raise up somebody who does not sense the
greatness of God in you.

The Timothy House

Please pray about it.

If you’re an architect designer and would like to be a part,
email Dr. Murdock at drmike@churchbyphone.com

He’s just looking for people with passion, who’s goal is to
work for God, at any level.

Dr. Murdock doesn’t feel the setup right now at the Wisdom
Center is world-class.

And the more comfortable you are, the better you learn.
Pressure is debilitating to your learning capacity.

Reducing distractions multiplies your ability to learn.

Part of the vision of the Timothy House:
– individual rooms, bathrooms
– NOT a “dormitory”-type setting where there’s bunk beds
and lines in front of a bathroom every morning to get ready
– a secret place for every room
– privacy
– the same building
– fellowship, praying together too
– a collective secret place
– a “Neiman Marcus” Bible School
– not a Walmart “circus” 😉

Dr. Murdock’s passion right now is to launch,
to catapult people into their assignment for God.

Plan on a “Timothy seed”.

Some words floating around in Dr. Murdock’s spirit:
Renovation – God’s about to renovate
the assignment in your life
Innovation – God’s about to bring
about a major shift in your life

[Pastor Tim Walker joins the call]

Asking Questions

Ask yourself 10 questions a day.

Dr. Murdock helps us to develop our life-plan
by encouraging us to know our assignment.

Discern your gifts, your talents, your abilities.

What has God called us to be, do, have…?

3 Questions, tied to your life plan

Some people call it “God’s will”…

But it’s more specifically, God’s assignment for us.

God’s will can leave room for people to put it all off on
God, saying that it’s “destiny” and there’s no use
doing anything.

But God’s power is released when you speak
God’s Word, His plan.

Did you know that God gave Joseph the
“plan of plenty”…?

And Joseph went to Pharaoh with that plan of plenty
and he spoke that plan, he spoke those words.

He followed the action steps of God.

And Egypt was prepared for the famine.

It’s very important to have a plan.

Dr. Murdock has taught for years,
“The anointing is on the plan.”

Have a plan of where you want to go, and
what you want out of life.

Prov 29:18 – Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

#1 Where do you want to go?
– the reason many of us to not get to where we want to go is because:
> We do not know the price
> We have not done the research
> We have not laid out the action steps of the plan that
God has for you, the plan that God’ll give to you.

Ask yourself questions right now, with “Where do you want
to go?” in mind as you’re asking…

– If you could see yourself 5 years from now, where are you?
10 years, 20 years–what are you expecting to see?
– Where would you live?
– Where are you in your career?
– What do you want to change in your career?
– Where do you want to advance?
– What education do you need to finish?
– What degree do you need to finish?
– What kind of relationship do you want to have with your spouse?
– What kind of relationship do you want to have with your children?

This is big–just begin to ask yourself questions.

What does your relationship with God look like?

So many of us are trying to figure
out our relationship problems
with everybody else, but if you
want favor with man, you’d
better figure out your favor
with God first(!).

That’s a key to success.

Some of us have been doing it backwards
(and try to get favor with man first).

God can turn the hearts of kings.

Get favor with God first.

#2 How are you gonna get there?
Plan a course of action to get there.
What do I have to do?

#3 Are you willing to pay the price?

– What is the price?
– How much is it?

– Is it education, a degree, that you’ll need?
What will it cost you in time, money, family, hobbies?

Achieving success at anything
requires a certain level of sacrifice.

Are you willing to invest the cost
of what it’s going to take to get there?

Michelangelo, who spent 4 years lying on his back
painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, said:
“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain
my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all.”

It takes about 4 years to get a degree, and
sometimes that’s what it feels like: lying on
your back.

> Where do you want to go?
> How are you going to get there?
> Are you willing to pay the price?

– If you don’t learn to take risks with
your life, you’ve already failed.

– Pain is only temporary, but the benefits can last forever.

So be willing to pay the price.

With the Timothy House, your support will
help to creat a life-plan for someone.

What you make happen for others,
God will make happen for you.

5 things that Pastor Tim believes will be attached to the
seed-sowing into the Timothy House.

#1 A plan to chart your course.
– it’s like a treasure map

#2 A stream of strategies to start your dream.

#3 A dream team in your life to make it happen.
A team of people that staff your weakness.
Where you’ll become a magnet for the people
you’ll need to take care of the things you want
done, but don’t know how, or don’t have time to do.

Live your life in the energy of people that’re making it happen.
The right people are going to enter, you’re going to know who
they are. You’re going to discern who they are.
There’s momentum in a moment, when the creative juices
are flowing.
This Timothy House seed to that you sow is going to be
“the seed of momentum” in your life.

Here’s what determines momentum: the size(/mass) and the weight.

Don’t be small-minded.

Consider sowing a seed that moves you, and creates momentum.

The speed of your obedience determines the speed of your harvest.

Don’t negotiate with that–when you feel that unction, that inner prompting, just obey–as quickly as you want to receive your harvest.

#4 Tools to accomplish your work.
Divine tools to help you accomplish your work.

Everything you have is enough to create the future you desire.
Bring everything you (currently) have to its highest level.
Create the best with everything that you currently have.

#5 Answers to your toughest questions

This Timothy House is going to make people’s life more effective.
It’s going to make Dr. Murdock’s life/ministry more effective.

Look at King Hezekiah.

He honored God in everything that he did.

That’s the secret if you want to enter the mastery of success,
learn to honor God.

But also note with Hezekiah, he became the target of warring nations.

King Hezekiah would always follow the same formula:
Goto God in prayer, and honor God’s commands.

What momentum would you create in your life if you
would just learn to follow the commands that God gives you?

Some of us are waiting for a prophesy, or a word from
God, but we have the Word of God. He’s shown us what to do.

And Hezekiah relied on obeying what
he heard from God in prayer to rule his life.

When Hezekiah needed action steps, he would immediately go to
God in prayer–he wouldn’t think about it, or put it on a “goals” list.

It wasn’t a surprise to God when Hezekiah showed up to pray.

“Give ear, O God…”
“Open Your eyes, O God…”

Have that constant mindset, to have

He was open and honest. He was transparent before the Lord.

He waited for God to show him what to do next.

Could that be a great harvest if God
would just show you what to do next?

You know what? God’s not going to give you a
new set of commands until you follow the last set of commands.

You’ve got to go back and face your failure.

Look at the life of Moses.

God took him right back to where he’d killed that Egyptian taskmaster.

You’re never going to go to the next level
of success until you go back and face your failure.

Like Hezekiah:

Be honest.

Honor God.

Be humble.

Be respectful of Who God is.

Become dependent on God’s action steps.

If you don’t hit your mark, don’t get discouraged.

Evaluate, retool, retweak things.

You try and you go at it again.

The winners in life are constantly
updating the vision plan for their life.

And they learn great things from their own failure.

If you’re going through a season of failure, you’re
just learning another way not to do something.

Some goals never change, but the process to get there changes.

Where do you want to be spiritually?

What are the type of family relationships that you desire?

Harvey Mackay:
“Failures don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

Develop a life plan for what you want to achieve in life.

Have the mind of God.

Have the action steps of what you want to be and do,
what you want to have in your life.

Know the value of creating a life plan.

Help create a house of learning with the
Timothy House.

to sow:

Unity And A Fresh Anointing Experienced in South Africa.

Wed 05-01-13

Dr. Murdock has just flown in to Durban, South Africa,
>> 10 Million people
>> about 400 miles from the 50 Million people city of
Johannesburg, South Africa
>> one hour flight

The church Dr. Murdock spoke at, where about 50 Pastors were in attendance, is headed by Bishop Basel Tryon
>> An very unusual, very remarkable man
>> He has very remarkable prophetic giftings
>> He has a strong “pull” on the prosperity message
>> And he has a hatred for the poverty of Africa
>> He (Bishop Tryon) talked about the wealth inherent to Africa, all of the gold and diamonds embedded in the land itself.
>> And the “grab everything and go” mentality–as opposed to the “sowing and reaping” mindset has led to poverty-stricken results for much of Africa.

Dr. Murdock came so close to canceling this last stop in Africa [for this trip], but didn’t realize the importance that they (South Africa) had placed on it.

He was just so homesick, and could hardly take it any more.

In all honesty, there’s a lot of discomfort travel
[especially when it’s work-related, and not leisure…!]

Dr. Murdock loves the hospitality he’s received, namely on this trip.

This area [Durban] is the where the Zulu tribe is,
and there’s 9 official languages in this region as well.

There was a remarkable anointing there:
Dr. Murdock says he’s never walked into an atmosphere with this same anointing, this palpable “glory”.

It was very…disciplined.

All of the people looked to the Bishop as a spiritual father.

They all referenced him as “Dad”.

Dr. Murdock has never heard singing, or seen worship, and dancing–not on that scale.

Not “sensual” dancing, but the most remarkable, graceful dancing.

Dr. Murdock wants to be a “professional” learner.

He tells everybody that’s what he does for a living:
“I’m a professional learner.” 🙂

You really have to be open to things unlike yourself.

Discomfort shouldn’t be a lifestyle, but it should be a seed to sow.

To taste, to see, to access a new anointing.

A new way of doing things.
A new way of viewing things.

Billy Graham’s book about his real persuasion
that there were humans on other planets.

We have a need for “new”.

At this church in Durban, there was an unexplainable level of this unique, new anointing.

Dr. Murdock says he was not only comfortable with it, but he didn’t want to leave it.

It was a way of worship….

They had a choir, and then 30-40 young dancers…

They worshipped for a solid hour, hour and a half.

What arrested Dr. Murdock’s attention was the *unity*.

He’d never seen such unity in his lifetime.

All their eyes were closed.

They all smiled when they were rejoicing.

It was unlike anything he’d ever seen.

There are many anointing and movements of God.

Revelation 4:11 (KJV) – Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Everything was created for God’s pleasure.

God really likes change.

Right at the beginning of Genesis, God first “created”, and then the Holy Spirit’s self-description: “He moved…”

It would be horrible to live on the earth, and only taste water, or only taste an egg.

Yet, many times in the spirit world, we limit our experience to only what we’re familiar with.

I don’t want to be that limited at any level of my life.

Discomfort at first?

Yes, because you’re evaluating, you’re looking at the different kind of music.

But *joy* will tell you a lot, when it’s present.

Joy is an exclamation on what’s right & wrong.

God has arranged us to feel a heaviness in our spirit when something is wrong.

And to feel a freedom in our spirit when something is right.

Right and wrong produce very different emotions.

It was 3 of the most glorious days of Dr. Murdock’s life–in the realm of seeing God move in a different way.

Recap of Nigeria – Eagle 10 – including Video with Pastor David Ibiyeomie & Dr. Murdock

From Thur 04-25-13
[or is this the 18th…?]
> aired Sun 04-28-13
Church By Phone

Nigeria & the Eagle 10 Conference

Most of our prayers are wasted
because we’re not making decisions.

Most of what we call
“prayers”, are “hopes” & “thoughts”

Dr. Murdock working on a new book:
“My Highest Persuasions”
>> as a gift for everyone
who blessed him on his birthday

– Dr. Murdock had the best
trip he’s ever had to Nigeria
>> got to fly Business Class, thanks to a
woman who’s a Partner of the ministry
>> Had no one in front or beside him
>> Was able to put his books next to him,
Stretch his feet out
>> worked all the way thru to Port
Harcourt, 16 hours, didn’t sleep

– The church leaders were at
the airport, waiting for him
>> Port Harcourt
Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Salvation Ministries
>> “A once-in-a-lifetime man”
You won’t meet a man like
him but once in your lifetime…

[This video is from a year ago, presumably 😉
when Pastor David came to visit Dr. Murdock
for his birthday in April of last year. Seems
appropriate to include here…]

– the Nigeria trip was spectacular

– Pastor David treated Dr. Murdock like a king
– they took him the long way to the hotel, passing
by the new church grounds that they’re building

– over 200 acres
– This man is building the largest church on the earth.
– seating for 150,000 people(!)
– a protege of Bishop David Oyedepo who pastors
Winner’s Chapel in Lagos, who’s church seats 52,000,
3 sections of 17,000…

– Pastor David Ibiyeomie has become
very important to Dr. Murdock’s heart.
– He’s there with his wife and son in the city
– He has 14 churches there
– the smallest one’s 5,000, his [main] is about 80,000
– He talks very, very little around Dr.
– He flew all the way to Dallas, TX last year
just to spend one day with Dr. Murdock on
his birthday

– So Dr. Murdock gets lil bits of sleep when he can
– And, after seeing the wonderful work of God in
Port Harcourt, and being recognized (because of
his work on tv, the Internet, and Church By Phone)
nearly everywhere he goes…
– it comes time for him to leave for his next stop
in Nigeria
– And the church leaders send him his escort to goto
Uyo, Nigeria, leaving around 10am with brother
Benjamin Andrews, and Pastor Tim Walker, who are
both traveling with him
– they drive through the beautiful
country & beautiful people and arrive
in Uyo, greeted by the church leaders there who immediately drive him around, asking him to anoint various specific spots throughout the city
– there were hundreds of people following the cars–like a parade
– all the cars stopped when Dr. Murdock’s car stopped, and
they were about 2 miles-worth of vehicles just traveling around
with them, anointing the city.
– God gave Dr. Murdock a word for the city of Uyo.
– Bishop David told Dr. Murdock that the apostolic anointing on Dr. Murdock’s life & ministry authorized the people of Uyo to ask Dr. Murdock to anoint the grounds of the city
– And so Dr. Murdock obliged, and entered into a covenant with them to drive back spirits of witchcraft, spirits or error, and to release a real grace on the city

– There is no country on earth that understands The Law of Honor like Nigeria
– Dr. Murdock cannot think of another country that understands honor like Nigeria does.

– There should be, within the next 3-5 years,
the most glorious breakthrough anointing on
this country (Nigeria) politically

– the President of Nigeria came to Dr. Murdock’s service several months back when he visited Wari
– there are members of his security team that are monthly seed-sowers into Dr. Murdock’s ministry
– there are “Daniels” being raised up in Nigeria to speak into the ear of Nigerian leaders

– the anointing is something that’s real
– the anointing isn’t a “feeling”
– it’s a glory, and it’s a destroyer of demon spirits
– that’s why you’ll hear Benny Hinn talking a lot about
protecting & treasuring the anointing that’s on your life

– the church leaders in Uyo put Dr. Murdock in the most beautiful hotel suite
– the suite itself has it’s own meeting room, where they all met with the other ministers and evangelists in Uyo and prayed with them
– Dr. Murdock met one marvelous contact/connection after another in this suite’s meeting room

– Dr. Murdock loves Nigeria and
they value what God’s put in him
– The glory, the receptivity, the passion of these people(!)

– Jesus had strong feelings about where He
was accepted and where He wasn’t
– He reacted swiftly, decisively, and conclusively
– He didn’t wait for a repeat testimony

– On Monday, Dr. Murdock and the Team are flying
to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.


– There’s a little over 300 Million people in America
Nigeria is about 160 Million people,
over 50% of the population of the 50 states in America
– It’s the size of Texas

– if we took half of America (say, 25 States) and put it in Texas, that’d be Nigeria

– The people of Nigeria listen incredibly well

[more added soon…! Please help with any pictures/
video/media you may have of this trip in Nigeria, your
assistance is greatly appreciated.] 🙂